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Kopps (2003)
Great Swedish Comedy -- Worth Checking Out!
5 August 2005
Kopps is a very entertaining Swedish comedy from the opening of the film to the final credits. Like most Swedish films, the cinematography is exceptional and the acting is top-notch. What makes this find stand apart is the screenplay is well-written and humorous. It's accessible to large audiences. Most people will enjoy this film. Each character in the film is unique and a joy to watch. It has a good story, and does very well at capturing small town life in modern-day Sweden. This film is not an historical period piece or set on a rural farm, which is refreshing. And it's better than most Hollywood movies. This director has a real future in film-making.
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Son of Sinbad (1955)
Great showcase of '50s burlesque dancers.
30 June 2005
Son of Sinbad is a dull film, more or less only watchable at scan speed. But what redeems this film is the performances by some of the top names in burlesque during the 1950s. A big thanks to Howard Hughes and those responsible for making this film. Burlesque Queen Lili St. Cyr is breathtakingly beautiful, and wears some of the most glamorous and lavish costumes seen in any harem-themed movie. Wonderful exotic dancing sequences featuring Nejla Ates and Kalantan make this film a must-see for fans of burlesque. Unfortunately, there's no stiptease here, but Son of Sinbad features a bevy of beauties in colorful costumes that make for some delectable eye-candy. There's no doubt the girls are the main attraction here, with a little story, plot, and action built around them.
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