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Suits (2011– )
Worth watching past the pilot
14 July 2011
I am very pleasantly surprised by this show and will certainly continue to watch it. The characters are likable and, with the exception of "Mike Ross," a page out of real life. I can guarantee you that there is not a single lawyer at a high power NYC law firm that didn't go to law school. Additionally, no lawyer as green as Mike would be given so much attention. Here is where I will cut the show some slack- without such deviations from the truth there would be no show.

Some reviewers liken this show to House but with lawyers. Sure, there are some common elements surrounding Harvey being cold-hearted and cocky yet excellent as his job. But this is where I want to draw the distinction: characters like Harvey actually exist in this world (minus the likability). There are charming, proud, extremely competent, rude, driven, and ruthless lawyers in every major firm in every major city. At some point it becomes a requirement of the job. Doctor House meanwhile is too much of a self-destructive train wreck for my taste.

If you want to get a glimpse into working at a high power law firm, an investment bank, or any other high stakes pressure-cooker job look no further. Keep the insane hours, lose the friendliness, and amplify the cockiness and voilà: a glimpse of reality. This show keeps the bad but throws in the good, so instead of feeling like work, the show instead feels like entertainment.
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Snakes on a Plane rocked my world
18 August 2006
I must admit, I was very skeptical. I saw the reviews on multiple websites, read the threads on IMDb, and saw the votes. The general consensus among professional movie raters is that there was no consensus. Well, the people have spoken and they loved it. More importantly, I loved it.

The audience laughed, cheered, and screamed. I have never been so entertained at the movies. This wasn't just a movie, it was an event. This reaction I have to it is very fresh, the movie let out 15 minutes ago. I highly recommend this movie. No, it will not change your life or make you rethink everything you stand for. This is not Crash, it will not win an academy award for best picture. But if there was an award for being the Most Kick Ass Film, this would win. This is the epitome of the mindless non-stop action thriller. Go see this movie, but for god's sake, have the right attitude before you go see it. This isn't A Beautiful Mind, although I'm sure Russell Crowe wouldn't have minded bashing a few snakes with a telephone.
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