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Young Americans (2000– )
The OC before the OC
17 May 2008
I was a little apprehensive about this show when I read its summary but it surprised me with its depth and its controversial subjects. The relationships in this show start out very oddly and sometimes uncomfortably but they are deeper relationships than most shows today. It is definitely worth watching for those who were fans of the OC but got tired of its increasingly twisted relationships. Some of the couples in this show are admittedly a tad different but they never really got the chance to become as incestuous as the OC did. I have to say that Katherine Moennig and Ian Somerhalder are my favorite actors in this show. Their characters Jake (Jacqueline) and Hamilton have relationship that is instantly interesting and it just gets better with each episode.
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Jem (1985–1988)
Quality Television
19 April 2008
Unfortunately I was unable to watch Jem on T.V. but I did watch the show on VHS. I loved this show as a kid. It has everything: a lesson in every episode, mini music videos, and great role models for kids. It was also one of the few cartoons that changed the outfits for the characters. The only problem I have with Jem is how completely unbelievable it is. Of course, I didn't realize it as a child but when you watch the first episode it is so illogical. Jerica's father supposedly owned a record company, housed a bunch of young female orphans and also created a holographic computer named Synergy that is way before its time. Who is this man?
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