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Crowded (2016)
Give it a shot
20 March 2016
I don't know why people think this show is crap. I find it a good show to chill out to. I find it realistic. Beside Mirandas character which I don't like. It feels like how families are now a days. They deal with things that are more common in everyday life . Parents dealing sec and the father has issues and resentment towards the father aka the grandfather. One teen is out experimenting and partying. The other teen is a super nerd that isn't very sociable.

I'm 29 and the young adults around don't know how good they have it. I had my first real paying job at 13. By 16 I was paying rent. I got my own pager and then my own cell. The teenagers and young adults live off their parents and their parents pay for everything. My own brother got his first job at 26 and he's younger then me. The show isn't amazing but it's pretty OK
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