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The Andy Milonakis Show (2005–2007)
The Andy Milonakis show
27 June 2005
I thought the show was hilarious, very funny.

Reminded of the an early Tom Green show. Funnier

than Jackass or any of those other shows cant wait to see more. I only wonder how old he is, i'm dying to know. Is he really 14(gussing) or maybe he's like Gary Coleman and 40.

In the show he does little skits excerpt from his webpage "Hi everyone my name is Andy Milonakis not to be confused with Bob Smith some people confuse us because our names sound alike. Have you seen the Andy Milonakis Show yet? It's pretty good I guess I mean I think it's good but I don't want to say it's great because it's my show and that wouldn't be polite, would it? No, it wouldn't Andy. THANKS Andy. Oh, I love asking myself questions it makes me feel weird all over my stupid skin.." Very funny show
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