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Bellevue (2017– )
So confusing and frustrating!
14 April 2017
SPOILER: Having painfully watched all 8 episodes of this series, I can honestly say that no series has made me so angry and frustrated as this one. Touted as a 'solving a transgender murder' is the series producer's cheap attempt to capitalize on current discussions on transgender issues when in fact, this series was the 'Anna Paquin' show with secondary emphasis on solving the 'transgender murder' and an earlier murder 20 years prior.

So many plot points were inconsistent and unbelievable but the worst was the introduction of 'Adam'. How could a whole town, including Anna Paquin, and the current Police Chief 'forget' about her brother? I can appreciate that the series essentially tried to draw together two bullying stories each with tragic endings from two different generations of characters - to show us that bullying has been part of our cultures - then and now. And that's the only reason I gave this a '3'.

I guess the CBC was so thrilled to have Anna Paquin join this production that they overlooked the bad writing in this series. When compared to another CBC production - 'Pure', which on the face of it sounded like it would be unrealistic (Mennonites selling crack) but which was extremely well done, Bellevue was just so overwrought, overdone and a mess. I can't believe they are talking about season 2!
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Begin Again (II) (2013)
Loved this movie!
13 January 2017
A few years ago, Mr Shullivan & I went to New York and booked tickets to see 'Once'. Absolutely loved it - the show and the music! We then watched the movie version directed by John Carney - and it was great as well! When we happened to see a clip for 'Begin Again', with John Carney directing, I asked Mr Shullivan to get us this movie to watch at home - and I have no regrets!

Enjoyed the music during the film (and we even watched the bonus features on the DVD and I asked Mr. Shullivan to get the soundtrack!). And the music stayed with me even after the movie. I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed Kiera Knightley's singing as well as her acting performance. And I thoroughly enjoyed both her version of 'Lost Stars' and Adam Levine's!

Mark Ruffalo's performance as Dan was great - he showed the range of emotion you'd expect in the part he was playing - a jaded, down in the dumps record executive who gets a turnaround through the movie by his chance meeting with Gretta (Keira Knightley's character).

Loved the opening sequences of the movie - showing the same scene from several different character's perspectives - but especially Dan's - when he re-imagines Gretta's song with added instruments and enhanced arrangements. Unique & riveting!

And finally, loved the album and film concept of taking it to the streets of New York - very enjoyable and very real!

I will want to see this movie again! And any other John Carney films!
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Emerald City (2016–2017)
Not Sure About this series yet.....
7 January 2017
Last night Mr. Shullivan and I did date night in. We started the evening watching last year's Academy Award winner movie, 'Spotlight' and then we switched to viewing 'Emerald City'. Let me start by saying that a) I generally like the 'fantasy' genre like 'Once Upon a Time' b) I loved the Broadway musical 'Wicked'and c) the original Wizard of Oz was one of the scariest movies I remember in my childhood ("Want to play ball Scarecrow?)

When starting to watch the premiere of 'Emerald City', I was a bit skeptical of how the classic movie could be re-booted but I am always impressed with creativity of today's writers in re-booting many of my childhood favourites and thought it was worth my time to watch.

So... -Liked how Dorothy landed in Oz (along with a 'mysterious' tattoo and origin story still to be explored) -Liked the 'scarecrow' story -Confused on the 'witches' and connect with the Wizard -Not really liking the 'Wizard' or is it Vincent Donofrio I'm not liking?

Overall, I'll watch the next double episode and hope that I can get a little more engaged in the series. What surprised me most is that Mr. Shullivan (who wasn't really paying attention to the story last night and asked me a lot of questions about the story - actually re-watched the show today
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Trying too hard to be witty and funny
10 May 2015
Let me say from the outset that I am not one to watch any of the late night shows. That being said, "Late night with Seth Meyers" is the worst of the current stock of late night shows. While the guests that he manages to get can be interesting or funny - Seth Meyers' interviewing style and his own brand of humour are just not funny. I especially do not like it when any comic - and this definitely includes Seth Meyers - looks into the camera looking and waiting for you the audience to 'get' his joke.

I don't know why anyone finds his humour funny...his sojourn on Saturday Night Live as head writer made Saturday Night Live sink to new lows - and then he's rewarded with his own show! MY guess is that many people turn this show on in order that they can fall asleep!
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