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It never leaves you.
23 March 2018
I first saw this movie at TIFF in September 2016. It is now March 2018. I still think about it. Every few months, I find myself desperately searching for a way to watch it again. It is amazing.

Without seeing it, you can have no idea how powerful it is, not without some major emotional spoilers. When the film started, I liked it and respected the acting but had no idea how far it would go. By the end and through the Q&A, it seemed the whole theatre was crying. I still cry at times when I really think about it. Not because it's sad - it contains sadness but is way too multi dimensional to call it sad - but more because it is simply moving. It brings you up and down and all around and I believe that very few movies help their audience relate to the characters to that extent. Thank you to everyone involved in its production for helping me watch it once. I hope very much that I can see it a second time.
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Great movie - low budget, high tension
13 October 2015
This movie was absolutely brilliant. Who could have thought that a movie about the friendship between two old men could have me holding my breathe to that extent.

I don't think I've ever seen Stephen Graham in anything before but oh. my. god. He kills it. Consider me a fan. His portrayal of this weird kind-of-pathetic-but-also-threatening security guard is absolutely amazing. Conleth Hill is also great as always. (Yay Lord Varys!) The plot had the right amount of twists and snags, and I was glued to my seat trying to figure out where it was going and how it was going to end. Another viewer made a comment that this was a 'nice little movie.' With all due respect to him/her, I think a more accurate way to describe it would be: 'tense.'

Highly, highly recommend it. I hope it gets the audience and the recognition it deserves. Thank you to the director for making such an incredible film.
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Mr. Right (I) (2015)
Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!! This movie was so good!!
13 October 2015
Saw this at TIFF on one of the last days, and I was a bit worried I would be movied-out. Thankfully, this film was completely refreshing, and ended up being one of my favourites of the festival.

I've always liked Anna Kendrick, but I don't think I've ever enjoyed or appreciated her work this much. She was totally on the ball and hilarious, and she and Sam Rockwell make an unexpectedly perfect couple. The comedy was on point throughout the movie, and the jokes were awesome and very original. You fall in love with the characters and as strange as the plot is, the love story between them is very believable.

Although it's about a hit-man and of course there's a lot of killing in it, it's not too gory, so I'd say most people could handle it even if they're somewhat faint of heart. Definitely go see it. It's well worth your while, and I think it will be considered one of the best comedies of the year.
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