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5 November 2005
It's interesting to notice how many other film makers have been influenced by the Quay visual aesthetic. The movie The Cell has a few scenes with sets obviously inspired by Street of Crocodiles. And of course, just about every Tool video borrows heavily from the Quays. It's both a weakness and a strength that Quay films seem to wander aimlessly in a stream of conscious. The weakness is that it can get somewhat tedious and can result in the loss of ones attention periodically. I tend to drift in and out, especially having seen their shorts numerous times on DVD. But this experience also serves the function of the films. The Quay's seem intent on more accurately recreating a dream experience and to chronicle an aimless journey through the human psyche. It takes some courage and trust to abandon a standard coherence and to risk giving up the attention of the audience in order to keep your intentions pure. If nothing else, I can appreciate and admire the artistry involved with these films. Street of Crocodiles is probably one of their stronger shorts.
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