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Leila (2019– )
Could've been so much better!
18 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
To start off, I consider myself to right leaning in regards to my political/idealogical views. Never thought I'd had mention that on IMDB but just to disabuse myself of being labelled as 'sickular','libtard' etc. So now that we have that out of the way, this show is a prime instance of a wasted opportunity! I'm willing to buy the obvious propaganda/bias and (subtle)hindu bashing that you're trying to sell. After all, art transcends all belief systems. I don't care as long as you're serving me that in a palatable manner. But the sheer inconsistencies in this show makes me yearn for so much more! The year is 2049; we have all the cool gadgets in one scene and the very next scene we're seeing a freaking Honda Civic! The overall setting seems believable with the mood being sombre and hopeless but the home furniture looks the same as it does now! Now coming to the plot, the plot is decent but could've been so much better. It could have been much more elaborate in the sense they could've portrayed how this whole thing played out.Take the scene where they blow up the Taj Mahal, it was so poorly executed. The CGI was clumsy, and there was no backdrop to it. To compare this with a show which could be considered in the same genre, The Man in the High Castle, the scene where they blow up the Statue of Liberty gave us goosebumbs. We all knew it was a terrible thing to happen but there was a vicarious thrill in witnessing that. They were building up to that scene the entire season and the fall of the statue was the culmination of that entire season. That unfortunately doesn't happen here. It feels rushed.Hell, I could watch an entire season about the rise of Aryavarta! The performances were quite good and one of the few departments where everyone did an awesome job along with the cinematography. To summarise, this show actually could've have been on par with The Man in the High Castle or maybe even better but what we're left with in the end is somewhat of a mixed bag. Also, was wondering if any of content creators could do a show about a dystopian world where Islamic extremism has taken over India
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Excellently crafted
22 November 2017
Rajkumar Rao proves his mettle once again! Do not miss this one! Acting is really good for most part of it. The sets look authentic. Music is top notch! Highly recommend it.

P.S. To all the critiques(Especially the one guy who talked about people who liked it being high), you are only supposed express your opinions about the show, not the viewers.No reason to judge people who like it. If your entire life is predicated on looking down upon others based on their choice of movies/TV series, maybe you need to grow up and comprehend the concept of 'Different taste-buds'. Also, you lead a sorry life!
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