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Criminal Minds: Entropy (2016)
Season 11, Episode 11
Best episode EVER!!
14 January 2016
SPOILER: First of all. Im glad that Reid is finally back in criminal minds, it wasn't the same without him! our crime fighters had finally a break in the case 'the dirty dozen' there are 4 hit men known as the sniper, the poisoner, the bomber, and the key. Reid had a business date with 'the key' so that our crime-fighters could finally close the hit men ring ones and for all. But it won't go down without a fight. although they had the sniper and the poisoner really fast, the bomber and the key really won't go down without a fight. This episode reminds me also somehow from season 2 episode 13, the evil frank, Gideon told frank how they catch-ed him in the whole episode. Reid told that also in this episode to the key A.K.A his fake-date. I'm glad the network is down now so Garcia can go on with her life and also the rest of the team. And poor Reid, didn't like it to see he was emotional in the end... And the ending was also hilarious, drunk Garcia loll hope we can see that in a few other episodes in the future heehaw!! This was by far the best episode ever. Keep up the good work criminal minds, this season is way way better then the last 2 seasons!!
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Criminal Minds: The Witness (2015)
Season 11, Episode 2
The worst episode in the history of Criminal minds!
30 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
First of all. It was a real disconnected episode with no clue. What the hell where the writer thinking about this? I can't believe they didn't cancel this episode because it was absolute trash!!!!! A bus with all dead people on board but it still drives? very very realistic Criminal minds!! And how the hell can a poison gas attack gets connected with a murder of an man who had an affair with the wife from one of the killers? Jesus Christ what a freaking mess.. And second of all the ending.. when one of the killers drove a car into the federal parking lot. How the hell could one of the killers not know that there was gas kind of things in his car? is he blind or something? and another one. when the gas comes out how the hell could no one be toxic? and how the hell could they find the another killer so fast? This episode was a mess and there is no need for a another opinion.
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Criminal Minds: The Job (2015)
Season 11, Episode 1
absolute great season opener!
3 October 2015
This episode was a great one. It was creepy and the ending was insane. Loved this episode, the new member looks great as well. Hope we see some more things about her in the next episode. you never know who you can trust. the captain of a swat team and his wife are moles for the killer. the wife text ed the killer every time the team was coming close. the killer is a hit-man who wants revenge because a client set him up. So he killed everyone he might think they had it done. i hope they make more episode as good as this one. LOVE the characters and the acting skills of the killer where amazing, criminal minds will always be my favorite show, they made television special. Hope to see you guys in the next episode!
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