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Not bad, not sure if it's worth the ticket price
19 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see this in IMAX figuring I would not get another chance to once Avengers: end game comes out and dominates those theatres. Another one from the conjuring universe taking place in the 70s, I was not sure how Linda Cardinleni was going to be the star of this if the movie is about a Central American ghost. Well, if you don't know the plot, she plays a social worker who takes away a Latina's kids cause she assumed she was abusing them. Turns out it was this Mexican spirt who the latina Woman decided to pray to to take away the social workers kids like hers were taken away. Linda Cardenlini is so cute however that I think no Latin man would care if she was the star of this picture. My favorite part of the movie is the charater Raymond Cruz played in it. This guy is similar to that couple who have all the hunted materials in their basement. Hopefully he'll be in another movie and maybe make a cross over with them. Anyway, the movie was creepy, something that the conjuring universe likes to focus on over being actually scary. It was not creepy enough, however. Though l like there attempts to make light of the genre these conjuring movies are thriving in, it was a little too little of this in between. Too much set up during the hunting which slows down the horror pace. It was good but I could have saw this on a regular theatre screen or at home.
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After (2019)
It did have something to it.
18 April 2019
Should start out by stating this is not my cup of tea. This movie is more for the teen/young adults and I'm not that target audience. It's starts out with the typical formala that all the girls would love about a good girl who falls for the bad boy. This movie does have some enhanced archetypes: the protagonist is a goodie two shows on eleven, her college roommate is met to be the very polar opposite. I mean everything about her scrams unchristian, and the bad boy seems to be just a pretty face with a British accent. But the movie starts to get better. Like the fantasy of the young teen novel seems to wear off and the story becomes very grounded and down to earth as it progresses. I think if I was a teenage women I would have not found it so dull
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Leans totally on the corny side.
18 April 2019
What's really interesting about the movie is how interactive the actors seem to be with the lion or lions in a movie about lion preserving. I'm sure some of it was digital manipulation but how much I cannot tell. Just a thought how familiar the animal got with the people. Anyway, I got the message. It's a good one but this flick was too much about he message and it did loose a few entertaining factors because. Yet, still enjoyed it.
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Way better than Greenbook.
18 April 2019
So the fact that this movie came out in April means its chances of getting nominated for an Oscar are slim, which is tragic. I feel like this story about two people from completely different worlds that hate each other coming together through communication (with a slight push), is more insightful than what Greenbook Sam Rockwell gave a stellar performance in this movie. I think it's similar to what Ed Norton did in American History X so long ago. I loved Teraiji P. Hensen in this one as well. What a great combo of actors going on here. It's a very uplifting and heart warming story, but at the same time it's real. Does not feel like magic happen, only understanding. This should be what the academy is looking at.
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Little (I) (2019)
Not impressive
17 April 2019
It sucks cause that trailer made this look like it was going to be the funniest movie around, but the follow up from the producers of Girls Trip, made a movie not as funny as Girls Trip. I'm gonna say it's attempt to appeal to both 38 year old women and the 13 year olds they may turn into pulls this movie in two directions and loosened whatever hold they tried to have on me. The joke got repetitive. The movie is about a grown women stuck in a child's body and they ran with it but it got tired real quick. Decent acting was a saving grace, but could not save a plot that seems worn out from the very frist scene.
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Hellboy (2019)
I was worried about this reboot, but this is good!
12 April 2019
I was kinda hating on David Harbor as the new Helboy, but they did something similar to what happen with Aquaman, they surrounded this dude with enough bells and whistles and focus on making the film good overall. Harbor played Helboy his way which was less low key than Ron Pearlman's charater, it's hard to separate Pearlman from Helboy, so Harbor had big shoes to fill and he filled them well. Amazing cast. Once again kudos to Ed Skrien whose not in the movie because he graciously bowed out to allow Daniel DAE Kim to get the role, which he was perfect for. The audience wAnted to see diversity and Helboy delivered. A pretty epic story. I don't know if it's actually based on one of the Helboy comics but I have to say I loved the imagery. Del Turo's Helboy brought Mike Mignola's pages to life, this new director, bought in his own artist and it was good. Very comic book and at the same time very Heavy Metal, so that works for me. Would I have rather seen a Helboy 3 rather than a Helboy reboot? I'll just say I'm not disappointed at all with what I got.
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Shazam! (2019)
Finally! The DC extended universe is giving use superb content
11 April 2019
Shazam comes in at number three of the best DC universe movies following Aquaman and Wonder Woman. It's a family friendly movie, which is different from DC's other movies, but this is how Captain Marvel ( that's right) should be done. They got all there other heroes bitting off their biggest money maker, Batman, somewhat altering what the charater is all about so that it can be dark cause that's suppose to be hip( it's not) This movie was fun like it should be and you really get the full idea of what Shazam is like as a charater. Zachary Levi was perfect as the man child. Also loved Mark Strong who just makes the perfect villian (possibly the nicest guy on Earth). Also liked the performance of the actress who played Dara, and I don't want to spoil anything, but that little girl becomes a dream Come true in the thrid act. Very similar to Spider-Man homecoming as it's really a story about a foster kid trying to find a place to call home. A heart warming story wrapped in a superhero cape. Great stuff!
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High Life (2018)
Not bad science fiction.
10 April 2019
Why is it whenever a black hole is envolved in a science fiction story, we get over metaphorical about it? High Life is a slow moving science fiction film. On the cheap side so they have to cut coners on certain science fiction parts but at the same time some of the basic visuals were amazing and gets you into that science fiction mood. The story was a little odd for me, or rather the way the story was delivered was very very art film like, and it made the film drag slower, but overal, its a solid peice of Sci-Fi.
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Storm Boy (2019)
A boy and his bird.
5 April 2019

It's a beautiful story. I was not expecting such a amazing tale.

It's about an old man who tells his granddaughter about a relationship he had with a pelican when he was a young boy.

Everything just lined up perfectly with the story. I especially love the score playing in the background.

Thought it was incredible that they were able to get these birds to do such good acting.

Worth seeing.
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Pet Sematary (2019)
That was kinda creepy.
5 April 2019
It's been years since I seen the original adaption of the Stephen King novel and I remember the sequel to that adaption much better, but it seems very different. Wonder if they were following the book more? If that is the case than that explains the very slow burn which ends in complete pay off. The story gets dull and it does take awhile for the creepiness to take effect, but I feel it's worth it.
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The Mustang (2019)
Good film about the human condition.
2 April 2019
It was interesting. The movie shows what we typically think of movies about people in prison, and somehow they added horses to the element.

For the most part the movie feels like a Made-for-TV movie used as propaganda to show how successful the this horse program is.

The program is about certain states of the U.S.A which seem to have a Wild mustang problem, and in order to deal with it, the federal state penitentiary lunched a program to have prisoners train these mustangs to be domestic enough to sell to people.

I thought Matthias Schoenaerts was good. I liked what he did with his character. very low key, but his attitude was perfect.

Also a fan of Jason Mitchell and Bruce Dern, who give good performances as well.

I enjoined it.
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Good cop drama
31 March 2019
The film Is a bit of a slow burn which gives it a wid west feel, although it's a very calm movie about Cowboys. Reminds me of the frist season of True detective, does not hurt that one of its stars, Woody Harrelson is starting in this. I do like how The Highwaymen does not glamorize Bonnie and Clyde. The movie is all about the famous Texas Ranger that brought them down and the Public Enemies are used as a back drop. Very slow at times which allows you to soak up the environment, but overall a good crime drama.
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Dumbo (2019)
That was pretty good!
29 March 2019
It's worthy of the term magical! I don't know what I was expecting going into this but I came out with a smile on my face it was so uplifting. Disney has been turning a lot of their animated films into live action and I was scared, like everyone else, that they would ruin Dumbo in the process. I was wrong. Techically the first 6 to 12 mins of the film was actually a live action adaption of Dumbo, then what they did was add a new element to the story, this time getting humans more involved with Dumbo. Overall I am amazed.
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The Beach Bum (2019)
Is this suppose to be the sequel to the Big Lebowski?
29 March 2019
Seriously! It's been A while since I've seen Big Lebowski, but didn't he have sex with a rich chick and then at the end of the movie Sam Elliot tells us that there might be a little Dude?

Well according to The Beach Bum, the Dude who now looks like he should be selling Lincoln cars, semi settled down with that chick in order to watch little dude turn into a 22 year old woman( The timing is near perfect. When did Lebowski come out? 97 98?), and now the Dude is a wirter with one hot book that put him on the map and he becomes to burn out and lazy to pull off another( this part actually does sound like the Dude).

Well at lease Harmony korine's version of the Dude, which overall is not as good as the Cohen Brothers verson. Props to the film for dishing out some great performances by "actor" Snoop Dogg, Jonah Hill, in a cameo appearance Martian Lawrence, in an overplayed cameo appearance, and Last and least Zac Efron.

The movie seems like Korine is taking leftovers from Spring Breakers (now that's a cult classic) and trying to put it together to make this movie. Almost like one would put together a hot dog.

It has its moments but overall it's just ok. If you're a fan of the oddity that is Harmony Korine, this will make you laugh out loud when it gets bizarre, other than that, waiting for those moments can bore you and make your mind wonder.
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Hotel Mumbai (2018)
That was really intense!!
27 March 2019
This story drains you.

It's based on actually events of a hotel taken hostage and were being slaughtered.

It's dramatic and suspenseful, a few scenes were hard to watch but this thing got my heart going on every single level.

Good acting by Dev Patel, Armie Hammer and the rest of the ensemble. They really got me into their characters, which made the pull on the heart muscules even harder.

Excellent job!
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The Aftermath (II) (2019)
Little dull, but I liked the overall story, and the two leads had great chemistry.
27 March 2019
Set in the aftermath of World War 2, it starts out as a story about the British and their attempts to help the Germans get their feet up again. Help ofcourse that is unwanted.

Watching this movie over 70 years after is perfect cause it's easy to see both sides of a picture. Not all German's are Nazis but all of them were treated like it (sounds familiar), and you can't blame the Brits for thier dislike of Germany at that time, so no matter who much like jerks they are being, they never became too dislikeable

Then the main plot kicks in about a love affair. When a German man who in every way is a victim of this war falls for a British woman who is married to a military officer and hates all that is German for taking her son away.

Even though the movie is about the whole idea of the hateful tension turning into a romantic fling, the movie was doing just fine with the subplot of reflecting how the aftermath of World War 2 is similar to the wars we are fighting now.

I will say the chemistry between Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgard was great to watch. It seems like an effort in great acting because the flow between knightley and Jason Clarke,who plays her husband in the film is faulty, which I think it was met to be in order to bring focus on the affair.

It reminds me of a film called the Promise with the huge difference of the Promise pretending to be a movie about a romantic triangle when indeed it was a film about The Armenian genecide.

Overall, it was a good looking romance picture I wish was more about the Aftermath of World War 2
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The Dirt (2019)
Sex drugs and Crue!
26 March 2019
It was outstanding as far as I'm concern. Hard to say which is better Bohemian Rhapsody or the Dirt.

Not really, actually. Rhapsody focuses on how epic the music of Queen is while the Dirt focus on how epic the band is, which I think is a better concept. I already am aware of the music that the Crue does so I wanted to know them. It was high octane and full of energy from beginning to end and it Pulls no punches on what what the Crue is.

Telling the story of the band as a narrative, I'm a little surprise how much the movie shares stories and info from their episode of Behind the Music. As surprising as I was of how amazing a Tommy Lee Machine Gun Kelly was.

In comparison some of the events seem out of place, but the timeline they used help to cram all of the stories into a two hour film, and they have a lot of stores.

It's a very MTV fast pace music video like film. Perfect for the Crue. Although this met that the actual music suffered.

I feel like if you liked Queen, Boheman Rhapsody made you love the music. The Dirt made me love Crue more but thank god I already love the music cause it did little to make me love the music more.

What the Dirt has over Rhapsody is that the Dirt does treat the Crue as a complete band. Each member has a bigger than life personality. Even Mick Mars who is portrayed as a grumpy old timer compared to the others. Boheman only saught to make Freddie Mercury's portail by Remi Malick Oscar worthy.

So, I give it to the Dirt. It's not going to make any new fans for Motley Crue's music but it captures more of what the entire band was than bohemian Rhapsody did for Queen. Too bad, Crue's no longer acceptable behavior means it's dobutful this film is going to get an Oscar.
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Us (2019)
Get out! Get out!
22 March 2019
Once again Jordan Peele makes a movie that feels like an extened version of a sketch from Key and Peele. A little more flushed out but not as funny. More creepy and horrifying, but a little too artistic. I never quite got what was going on. But I loved Lupita and Winston Duke in it. Very strange follow up, but I like it.
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The Kid (II) (2019)
Ok western. Very impress with Chris Pratt.
18 March 2019
Vincent D'Ofirio directs a movie starring Ethan Hawke. I feel like these two New York based indi film loving actors may have already worked together, but noting comes to mind.

Anyway, the movie is about two siblings who just killed their dad for beating their ma to death, running from everything when they end up in the legendary tracks of Billy the Kid And Pat Garrett.

It's not a bad western, very Grimm story telling with lots of heroic violence, but at the same time it humanizes people like Garrett and Billy the kid.

I did find the best part of the movie was Chris Pratt. It was a performance that stood out from anything I seen him do before. Just going a little beyond playing his usual charming self, yet you can still feel it. His violent pychopathic bag egg was just believable enough to make for some really good traditional western scenes.

Overall, I like it a lot.
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Captive State (2019)
Not as Captive as it needs to be.
16 March 2019
It's an interesting political thriller with the dressing of a Sci-fi movie, that's overall mediocre and it has the tendency to get real dull at times, sometimes so dull you'll... "miss" it's attempts to be cleaver and intelligent.

It's a mystery that needs to be unraveled, but too many elements in it are not really needed. Lots of stuff met to make you look the other direction so you don't see it coming, it technically works too well cause by the time I come back from looking the other way I forget what was directly ahead of me, and they had me looking too long in the other direction that I no longer care what's right in front of me.

The sci-fi backdrop was a cool idea. The visual elements of the movie is what really makes it feel Sci-Fi. The story happening in front of you makes this a political thriller about a resistance group planing a terrorist attack, while certain small visual tones behind it make you remember that this movie has aliens in it. It's literally an alien invasion story that's not about the aliens.

Captive State is trying too much and not succeeding in all it's attempts. A very cleaver idea not full flushed out.
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It's a movie that has the type of all-star cast that I want to see ensumbled together.
15 March 2019
Oscar Issac is one of my favorite actors. He works hard at diversifying himself and he makes it look so easy.

Charlie Hunnam is another dude who cares about bringing variety to his resume even when he has that outlaw outsider with a a heart persona down packed.

Than you have Ben Affleck whose has been making a lot of movies that I love lately. Not feeling that tiny gut he's grown lately as it seals the deal that he's no longer the Dark Knight (Which I think sucks cause I liked his Batman).

Garrett Hedlund is a very charming actor.

And Pedro Pascal is a new face for me among these dudes that has popped up on my radar since his amazing turn in the Netflix show, Narcos.

The five men are fine actors and have great chemistry together. It never weavers that these guys are old friends in combat, such a outstanding mosh up.

It's a heist movie where these guys are going down to a South American country to pull a job. It's also a story about how not being respecting for putting your life on the line for your country can change you into something that you don't want to be and how a lot of money can make you even worse. It's amazing how people who seem to have all the integrity in the world can talk themselves into giving it up (Then again, the drug Czar or dictator or...I not sure if I caught who he is (not important) had enough money stashed in his walls that even Mister Rodgers would consider popping a cap up in somebody who would come between him and becoming the 2 percent)

Hunnam recently got into a little trouble while promoting this movie due to him being into some "Men's rights" leader who post things on the dark web, but I will say, I think I understand why he thought his line of thinking would be OK. Simply because this is a movie about male relationships. Although you could make the argument that the movie is about Soldier relationships, which is true, but these soldiers (like most soldiers) are men, and this band of brothers thing was really working overtime in this film.

The music following through the film works for me, especially the constant drop of Metallica songs (I always though Orion would make the perfect end credits song)

Overall, the movie totally has me on the edge of my seat the hole time. Never a dull moment and you never know what to expect. It's way too real, grimm and bitter sweet, and the combination makes for such a complex and complete movie about the human condition.

Way to go Netflix.
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Climax (I) (2018)
It was a spectacular movie with a great beat.
15 March 2019
It was that beat that made everything consistent as Climax successfully attempts to mix up the format of a narrative and toss us off a bit.

(For some reason) set in the mid-90s (Maybe because this type of House music was really popular during this time),a dance troop being assembled for some music event are getting their groove on when someone spikes the punch with some LSD, which has a bizarre variety of effects on the group. It's like an Urban Legend come true.

Surprisingly, there is not as many dance segments in the film as I would think, tidbits here and there but not flooded with it, but that score was impressive, and had me bumping. It's like the film composer was a DJ just spinning the sounds of Daft Punk (and a few other dudes from that house era that I'm not going to pretend to know). Maybe that is what happen because that's what it overall felt like.

I think the movie was cast with french dancers (Not actors). The only one I knew was Sofia Boutella, who had supporting roles in some great action movies like the Kingsmen and Atomic Blonde (She was also in Star Trek Beyond) Not much acting was needed, the filmmaker just turned the camera on some of these kids and just let them talk naturally (or at least that's what it seems like cause, you know, I don't speak french). There was actually more talk than there was dance, before the movie got really odd with the heavy trip.

I've never done LSD myself and in fairness, these kids seem to have done so much in one dose that I'm surprise the film was not far more crazy than it actually was.

A simple story made interesting by a kinetic flow to the narrative, sexy people in motion, and a full proof plan to make sure you cannot just up an leave without sitting though the list of everyone credited in making the film.

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Apollo 11 (2019)
That was amazing!
15 March 2019
I'm kicking myself right now for missing the week long event in which this film was projected on an IMAX screen cause on a regular screen I can clearly see I missed out on something. Yet still, this was worth the time and effort. Especially if you are a fan of such things as putting a man on the moon.

The thing about living in a world were media is so important, almost everything is already documented. The filmmakers just took the entire broadcasting event of the Apollo 11 mission and put it together like a narrative story. Back then everyone saw everything in bits in pieces over the course of a few weeks as news coverage and NASA personal film archives, but now this movie puts all that together in like 90mins, and it looked wonderful.

It's completely fan fare, for space nerds but there is something about the impressiveness of the fact that the human race made it there that's got to catch everyone in ahh.

Could not help but to be on the edge of my seat. Loved it.
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A Fun ride that did not sparkle.
12 March 2019
Honestly, I went into this movie hoping it was going to try to top Black Panther, but what I saw on the screen was a great episode of Agents of SHIELD.

It's a good movie, it's not the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it's a good movie.

The movie starts out so fantastic with their homage to the Man himself, Stan Lee in one awesome opening, but that High note levels out quickly.

Brie Larson, as Captain Marvel was not what I was really expecting. I was not expecting her to smile, cause that's not who she is in the comic book. I think I was expecting Captain America cause they both have Captain in their names and because both characters are dedicated shoulders. Either way, this idea really effects what I think of the action which was not clicking well.

I did love the chemistry between Captain Marvel and Nick Fury, played once again by Sam Jackson who like Larson played a Fury I'm not fully use to, which make sense because he's playing a young Fury before he even though of the concept of the Avengers. Man, did Sam look good in this movie. I don't think it was all CGI that was taking the age off his body, as I think Jackson has started a vegan lifestyle that took off the pounds. He was lean and mean, but I'm surprise they did not make him look like Jules Winnfield sense the movie takes place in 1994.

Captain Marvel's attempts to put us in the 90s were real hit and miss. The jokes about how technically has changed since the 90s were hilarious, but the attempts to be like Guardians of the Galaxy with selective Girl power hits of the period being used as part of the soundtrack did not really do it for me.

I did love seeing Coulson in the flicks for the small moments he had.

The Skrulls were amazing! I really like the change that they made in who they are that turned out to be very cleaver and very intelligently updated (despite the movie being place in the past), it's a perfect Marvel story arch.

Also love Annette Bening in her role. The only thing that fully worked for the pace of the film.

Honestly, If women go into this movie and come out wanting to be Captain Marvel than perfect, The film's goal was completed, but I did not come out of this film wanting to be Captain Marvel, a hero whose comic book version I would totally want to be (and unlike Wonder Women two years prior in which I did leave wanting to be The God-like Amazon princess, In fact Captain Marvel makes Wonder Woman look like an even better picture)

Nothing particular wrong with the movie and nothing bad about it. It's a solid hit. However it's not epic, not epic at all. Compared to recent entries in the Marvel blockbusters this one just does not take me there.
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It gets stuck inside your head.
13 February 2019
A cool movie about some cool toys with some cool songs. A great follow up to the original LEGO Movie and I'm so loving all these LEGO movies (My favorite being a LEGO Batman movie, which I totally hoped gets a sequel too).

its a cute movie, very sugarcoated in sweet pop culture, and it makes fun of the fact that it is this which prevents it from being corny.

I have to admit, cause I can't shake the fact that, I really enjoyed the frist one much better, but still overall this is a great movie.
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