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The Kid (II) (2019)
Ok western. Very impress with Chris Pratt.
18 March 2019
Vincent D'Ofirio directs a movie starring Ethan Hawke. I feel like these two New York based indi film loving actors may have already worked together, but noting comes to mind.

Anyway, the movie is about two siblings who just killed their dad for beating their ma to death, running from everything when they end up in the legendary tracks of Billy the Kid And Pat Garrett.

It's not a bad western, very Grimm story telling with lots of heroic violence, but at the same time it humanizes people like Garrett and Billy the kid.

I did find the best part of the movie was Chris Pratt. It was a performance that stood out from anything I seen him do before. Just going a little beyond playing his usual charming self, yet you can still feel it. His violent pychopathic bag egg was just believable enough to make for some really good traditional western scenes.

Overall, I like it a lot.
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Captive State (2019)
Not as Captive as it needs to be.
16 March 2019
It's an interesting political thriller with the dressing of a Sci-fi movie, that's overall mediocre and it has the tendency to get real dull at times, sometimes so dull you'll... "miss" it's attempts to be cleaver and intelligent.

It's a mystery that needs to be unraveled, but too many elements in it are not really needed. Lots of stuff met to make you look the other direction so you don't see it coming, it technically works too well cause by the time I come back from looking the other way I forget what was directly ahead of me, and they had me looking too long in the other direction that I no longer care what's right in front of me.

The sci-fi backdrop was a cool idea. The visual elements of the movie is what really makes it feel Sci-Fi. The story happening in front of you makes this a political thriller about a resistance group planing a terrorist attack, while certain small visual tones behind it make you remember that this movie has aliens in it. It's literally an alien invasion story that's not about the aliens.

Captive State is trying too much and not succeeding in all it's attempts. A very cleaver idea not full flushed out.
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It's a movie that has the type of all-star cast that I want to see ensumbled together.
15 March 2019
Oscar Issac is one of my favorite actors. He works hard at diversifying himself and he makes it look so easy.

Charlie Hunnam is another dude who cares about bringing variety to his resume even when he has that outlaw outsider with a a heart persona down packed.

Than you have Ben Affleck whose has been making a lot of movies that I love lately. Not feeling that tiny gut he's grown lately as it seals the deal that he's no longer the Dark Knight (Which I think sucks cause I liked his Batman).

Garrett Hedlund is a very charming actor.

And Pedro Pascal is a new face for me among these dudes that has popped up on my radar since his amazing turn in the Netflix show, Narcos.

The five men are fine actors and have great chemistry together. It never weavers that these guys are old friends in combat, such a outstanding mosh up.

It's a heist movie where these guys are going down to a South American country to pull a job. It's also a story about how not being respecting for putting your life on the line for your country can change you into something that you don't want to be and how a lot of money can make you even worse. It's amazing how people who seem to have all the integrity in the world can talk themselves into giving it up (Then again, the drug Czar or dictator or...I not sure if I caught who he is (not important) had enough money stashed in his walls that even Mister Rodgers would consider popping a cap up in somebody who would come between him and becoming the 2 percent)

Hunnam recently got into a little trouble while promoting this movie due to him being into some "Men's rights" leader who post things on the dark web, but I will say, I think I understand why he thought his line of thinking would be OK. Simply because this is a movie about male relationships. Although you could make the argument that the movie is about Soldier relationships, which is true, but these soldiers (like most soldiers) are men, and this band of brothers thing was really working overtime in this film.

The music following through the film works for me, especially the constant drop of Metallica songs (I always though Orion would make the perfect end credits song)

Overall, the movie totally has me on the edge of my seat the hole time. Never a dull moment and you never know what to expect. It's way too real, grimm and bitter sweet, and the combination makes for such a complex and complete movie about the human condition.

Way to go Netflix.
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Climax (I) (2018)
It was a spectacular movie with a great beat.
15 March 2019
It was that beat that made everything consistent as Climax successfully attempts to mix up the format of a narrative and toss us off a bit.

(For some reason) set in the mid-90s (Maybe because this type of House music was really popular during this time),a dance troop being assembled for some music event are getting their groove on when someone spikes the punch with some LSD, which has a bizarre variety of effects on the group. It's like an Urban Legend come true.

Surprisingly, there is not as many dance segments in the film as I would think, tidbits here and there but not flooded with it, but that score was impressive, and had me bumping. It's like the film composer was a DJ just spinning the sounds of Daft Punk (and a few other dudes from that house era that I'm not going to pretend to know). Maybe that is what happen because that's what it overall felt like.

I think the movie was cast with french dancers (Not actors). The only one I knew was Sofia Boutella, who had supporting roles in some great action movies like the Kingsmen and Atomic Blonde (She was also in Star Trek Beyond) Not much acting was needed, the filmmaker just turned the camera on some of these kids and just let them talk naturally (or at least that's what it seems like cause, you know, I don't speak french). There was actually more talk than there was dance, before the movie got really odd with the heavy trip.

I've never done LSD myself and in fairness, these kids seem to have done so much in one dose that I'm surprise the film was not far more crazy than it actually was.

A simple story made interesting by a kinetic flow to the narrative, sexy people in motion, and a full proof plan to make sure you cannot just up an leave without sitting though the list of everyone credited in making the film.

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Apollo 11 (2019)
That was amazing!
15 March 2019
I'm kicking myself right now for missing the week long event in which this film was projected on an IMAX screen cause on a regular screen I can clearly see I missed out on something. Yet still, this was worth the time and effort. Especially if you are a fan of such things as putting a man on the moon.

The thing about living in a world were media is so important, almost everything is already documented. The filmmakers just took the entire broadcasting event of the Apollo 11 mission and put it together like a narrative story. Back then everyone saw everything in bits in pieces over the course of a few weeks as news coverage and NASA personal film archives, but now this movie puts all that together in like 90mins, and it looked wonderful.

It's completely fan fare, for space nerds but there is something about the impressiveness of the fact that the human race made it there that's got to catch everyone in ahh.

Could not help but to be on the edge of my seat. Loved it.
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A Fun ride that did not sparkle.
12 March 2019
Honestly, I went into this movie hoping it was going to try to top Black Panther, but what I saw on the screen was a great episode of Agents of SHIELD.

It's a good movie, it's not the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it's a good movie.

The movie starts out so fantastic with their homage to the Man himself, Stan Lee in one awesome opening, but that High note levels out quickly.

Brie Larson, as Captain Marvel was not what I was really expecting. I was not expecting her to smile, cause that's not who she is in the comic book. I think I was expecting Captain America cause they both have Captain in their names and because both characters are dedicated shoulders. Either way, this idea really effects what I think of the action which was not clicking well.

I did love the chemistry between Captain Marvel and Nick Fury, played once again by Sam Jackson who like Larson played a Fury I'm not fully use to, which make sense because he's playing a young Fury before he even though of the concept of the Avengers. Man, did Sam look good in this movie. I don't think it was all CGI that was taking the age off his body, as I think Jackson has started a vegan lifestyle that took off the pounds. He was lean and mean, but I'm surprise they did not make him look like Jules Winnfield sense the movie takes place in 1994.

Captain Marvel's attempts to put us in the 90s were real hit and miss. The jokes about how technically has changed since the 90s were hilarious, but the attempts to be like Guardians of the Galaxy with selective Girl power hits of the period being used as part of the soundtrack did not really do it for me.

I did love seeing Coulson in the flicks for the small moments he had.

The Skrulls were amazing! I really like the change that they made in who they are that turned out to be very cleaver and very intelligently updated (despite the movie being place in the past), it's a perfect Marvel story arch.

Also love Annette Bening in her role. The only thing that fully worked for the pace of the film.

Honestly, If women go into this movie and come out wanting to be Captain Marvel than perfect, The film's goal was completed, but I did not come out of this film wanting to be Captain Marvel, a hero whose comic book version I would totally want to be (and unlike Wonder Women two years prior in which I did leave wanting to be The God-like Amazon princess, In fact Captain Marvel makes Wonder Woman look like an even better picture)

Nothing particular wrong with the movie and nothing bad about it. It's a solid hit. However it's not epic, not epic at all. Compared to recent entries in the Marvel blockbusters this one just does not take me there.
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It gets stuck inside your head.
13 February 2019
A cool movie about some cool toys with some cool songs. A great follow up to the original LEGO Movie and I'm so loving all these LEGO movies (My favorite being a LEGO Batman movie, which I totally hoped gets a sequel too).

its a cute movie, very sugarcoated in sweet pop culture, and it makes fun of the fact that it is this which prevents it from being corny.

I have to admit, cause I can't shake the fact that, I really enjoyed the frist one much better, but still overall this is a great movie.
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Cold Pursuit (2019)
So it comes out that Neeson is racist while promoting his greatest film in years
13 February 2019
This is one of Liam Neesons best efforts. So good that I hoping he's is not racist like the promotions for this movie seem to make him out to be for some remarks he made. All men of every race, creed and color love Neesen including black so I'm really hoping this it not true, especially because this is one of his greater films.

It's funny as hell. Almost poking fun of his action movie persona, Neesen plays a father whose son was killed by drug dealers and he goes on a mundane killing spree to seek vengeance.

The slow quiet burn of action is quite fitting to the backdrop of a small ski town where people go to relax and smoke weed, and to make up for the lack of things getting blown up or dudes getting blasted in cool gun fu like sequences, the absolute humor that Neeson goes after these dudes with is absolutely fantastic.

The movie is filled with intresting charaters in a set up that reminds me of Tarantino (Or John Wick Like on level three (which I would not think I would like until I saw this movie)

Just when Neesen has got his game face on we try to bury him. Sucks
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Serenity (2019)
I wish this was the Firefly movie instead.
3 February 2019
I would give the movie an A for artistic merit but I'm not sure it deserves that.

The movie starts out very basic at first it's very easy to understand the plot, but as it progresses things are added that just make the movie very confusing about what the hell it's going on, but this does seem to be the purpose of the film, to have us looking in the other direction. That makes sense in this type of thriller.

However, by the time the big reveal of what is indeed going happens. I say to myself "oh, that's interesting" but it;'s not interesting enough to make me give the film credit for it's attempts at original film making. By the time we get there, I'm far too bored to care.

The film does have a really good cast of actors to keep me interested. I think Matthew McConaughey is good at making the mundane seem interesting, and they nominated Djimon Hounsou for an Oscar twice for being able to support these "movie stars" while doing... whatever they are doing.

Jason Clarke was interesting to watch on the screen as a blowhard of an abusive husband and I wish that Diane Lane had a bigger role.

Plus Anne Hathaway's turn as a "femme fatale" in this Neo noir is very pleasant.

None of the skills of these actors, however is doing anything to make the film itself a better watch overall. It's still (original but) dull.
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Was not expecting much but I was very entertained.
29 January 2019
It's very good.

Totally reminds me of The Goonies.

It's all about a young crew of misfits coming together to go on an adventure of a lifetime. So Goonies, very 80s, yet nicely updated for 2019 (but I can still hear Cindy Lauper singing as the kids gallop on horses)

Totally for children. It's very funny, but Some of the dialog was corny as hell but it's met to be as uplifting as possible, even with some of the dark elements.

I noticed that the movie also seems to have a sugarcoated message on how messed up the world is and only kids can save the future (A very realistic message under the guise of a fantasy movie. As they say across the pound, it's quite brilliant). Very sugarcoated but so very clear that I was expecting more references about the head of America to be done.

Very promising. The type of movie that all kids should have a copy of at home.
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Hit and Miss.
26 December 2018
I was expecting far more from Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

As the credits open and I saw that Etan Cohen had wrote and directed the film, I was like wow! This is a Cohen Brothers movie!? As the kids say, lit!.

But as the credit linger I noticed it said Etan Cohen not Ethan Cohen who is the Cohen brother I was thinking about. Rumor has it Bill Murray made the same mistake when he signed up to do the just as god awful Garfield live-action adaption.

I herd that this movie is actually based on a Saturday Night Live sketch. Well it's not the first time SNL turned a successful 12min sketch into a 90min disaster (not the first time in a long shot (thinking of MacGruber as the most recent.). I think I would have rather this flick be some sort of Christmas special that I could watch on NBC, rather than shelling out cash to see it in theaters during the holidays.

Calling it mediocre, is just being nice to the usually amazing comedy team up of Farrell and Reilly.
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Green Book (2018)
Two amazing actors totally make this movie!
24 November 2018
Viggo Mortensen plays Tony Lip who gets a job driving around a concert pianist named Dr. Don Shirley, played by Mahershala Ali, around the Deep South. Despite Shirley's money and prestige audience (or more likely because of it) there were only certain places in the Deep South were a man of color can eat and sleep and apparently they had a "tour guide" for this called the Green book (Hence the name of the movie). You learn something new everyday.

For the most part this movie was not about the Greenbook but the friendship that these two men developed while traveling through the Deep South. Obviously, the subject comes up as Tony Lip learns first hand what black men had to go through and on the other side Tony Lip became the friend Dr. Shirley really needed, in a strange reversal of Driving Miss Daisy.

Though I can't help but to be moved by how good of a job this movie did showing how common and acceptable racism..."once" was, and the loneliness Dr. Shirley felt in his battle to stop it (Being that his music wasn't exactly being played by black folk of the period), it's not that compelling of a story but Mortensen and Ali show why they are such good actors and the chemistry between both actors is working well.

So well it becomes beautiful and you can't help but to be touched.
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I think they should have ripped off more to make Bollywood's rip off of Pirates of the Caribbean
10 November 2018
I was actually interested in seeing this movie when I saw the poster at the theater. Usually when I go see Bollywood films, they are straight up action movies with the manliest of men doing feats of strength to save the world and his woman (And in-between they do a song and dance which always puts me out of the mood).

The only difference between those and Thugs of Hindostan is the fact that it takes place in a Pirates of the Caribbean backdrop. It's a pretty well laid out rip off: The main protagonist is just like Jack Sparrow, he's suppose to be the hero, but you never know which side he's actually on. Although he's not as entertaining as Johnny Depp he does have his own theme music (Which actually becomes a bad running gag after a while).

So this guy Firangi is a con artist hired by a British company to spy on a group of Rebels looking to overturn the empire that took over their country.

The film even has it's own Elizabeth Swan in a though as nails princess who does some pretty cool movies. There's also another woman in the movie, Suraiyya who looks like she was just inserted to make up for the lack of eye candy.

I am impress with the effort the film is doing. It tries hard to be an epic action adventure. Although in comparison of Pirates of the Caribbean it feels cheap, or rather closed in. It feels like it was filmed on a movie set that did not have enough space. The action scenes were not loose enough, not extravagant enough. Every one was boxed in and they really couldn't let go in the area they were filming.

Despite that, I die enjoy it. something different from the Bollywood genre, but I guess it will take more money than Bollywood is willing to give to do that.
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Overlord (2018)
Cool title and the movie lives up to it.
10 November 2018
Sounds like a Motorhead Album.

Doing that From Dust till Dawn thing, the movie starts out as a war epic about a group of soldiers on a mission to destroy a tower so that America can storm a beach against the Nazis.

It's everything you would expect from a good war epic: Action, thrills, no holds barred violence, and the troops. Many different kinds from many different places coming together for good old Uncle Sam, (Even has the one soldier who totally becomes a man on the battlefield) but then out of nowhere in the tower they need to blow the Nazis are doing some strange experiments with some horrific science fiction results, and as such it flips the script and becomes amazing!

Just amazing in mood and feel. The two combined genres make for a film that's jam packed with excitement. It does not even give itself a chance to slow down.

This one will be worth seeing over and over again.
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If you love Queen, Rami Malek will bring Freddie Mercury to life.
3 November 2018
I loved the movie. I had been dying to see it since I herd of it. Rami Malek just looked the part so I wanted to see it for that. For the most part Bryan Singer creates a very formulated rock epic indeed, but I think that's just how a biopic about Queen would be. If the film is at all accurate about Queen then the band did not really have enough drama to make a movie about. It was so cool to see that there is a band that truly gets along like family(and they kept on playing till the end)

However, most of the flick is about the life of the late Freddy Mercury, the focus mostly goes through his own personal journey from the time he met the other members of the band that would become Queen, to his death.

Rami Malek was absolute incredible in his transformation. He made you a believer. Thank god, cause if he just looked like Mercury without anything else this movie would tank.

What made the film so great for me was the relationship Mercury seemed to have with the band. Like I said before, it does not seem like the band had much drama between them throughout their life span so most of the film is about four friends making music together, and that's great. The chemistry between Malek and the other actors was well received, just beautiful to watch.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a love affair with Queen cause it's a lot of their music in it performed by the actors, not really most likely, but it did look like I was watching the ultimate cover band in IMAX. As well as they acted their parts they also Semi-performed the songs well. They look really good lip syncing and if you love Queen, this will be something you want to see.

Fantastic, exciting, witty, overall well done. Thanks Mike Myers for the introduce in Wayne's World that made me love the music more.
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London Fields (2018)
On the weak side
1 November 2018
Oh wow! I just saw this in theaters and your telling me it's been out since 2015? I guess that's the biz of showbiz, this movie is bizarre enough for me to believe that they could not find anyone who wanted to distribute it.

This also explains why Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are in the same movie. In 2015 I think the two were still together. They did not share any scenes in the movie (Maybe they had to reedited so that was the case explaining the long delay of release).

London Fields love itself far too much that it's not listening to anyone telling it how dull this is. I will say this, I did not see the ending coming of this mystery because of the oddness of the film, which I can totally respect.

Billy Bob Thornton plays a washed up writer from Hell's kitchen who switches homes with a hot shot writer from London in hopes he can write his next book and he gets and idea when he discovers his next store neighbor, Amber Herd has predicted that someone will kill her and has agreed to let the writer observe to see how it will lay out.

The film looks beautiful and gets you in the mood of the Murder Mystery. I found it interesting that I could not tell what time period the movie falls under. I think it's a near future, that has better cell phones then we do now, but I'm not sure. Amber Heard does help in the beauty of this film as it's definitely her purpose in the film to play that classic Femme Fatale.

I like Billy Bob Thornton and he was interesting enough, although his narration of the film did not get me into the story. This is true of most of the male cast members including Depp who quirky behavior was just corny. I say don't see it.
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Viper Club (2018)
Suesan Sarandon touches you
31 October 2018
For me, the movie does not let down. Susan Sarandon plays a nurse whose son's a freelance journalist who gets kidnapped, while in Syria and she struggles to do what needs to be done to get him back.

It would be a Lifetime movie of the week if it was not for Susan Sarandon's involvement, and it really helps. Such a fine actress portraying the frustration of a woman who's son has been missing for three months and it seems like her government is not doing anything and she's not sure if an alternative that was given to her (the Viper Club the pulls their resources together in order to pay ransoms for kidnapped people the government will not help) will work.

It's also different from Lifetime as the movie is a real downer, but Ironically that's what makes it good.
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It's been a while since Melissa McCarthy gave me such good laughs.
26 October 2018
I tend to put Mrs. McCarthy on a high pedestal since her appearance in Bridesmaids. When I see she's doing a movie I come in ready to bust a gut.

The Advantage of Can you Ever Forgive Me? is that it looks like a drama, so I'm expecting it to go another way so when McCarthy lays down a good laugh it hits me hard. It's the most amusing stories I've seen in a while.

A true story about Lee Israel who was a best selling Arthur that hit a rut, and could not get interest in another book, but found another way to make cash by writing letters she past on as the works of other writers.

If you think about the movie in perspective, though an interesting topic, especially for a round the table conversation over coffee, but an entire movie? I guess that's the magic of Lee Israel's writing, who wrote a book that this movie is getting it's info from.

McCarthy gives a stellar performance stepping out of her safe zone to show you a little depth as writer cliche (During this time in her life (1991 to be exact) Israel was an old and bitter booze hound hanging out in bars trying to hang onto the fame of her last book while hating on Tom Clancy whose getting paid three million dollars to write swallow macho idiocy while she can't even get a book deal cause she's too much of an artist to play the game

McCarthy does have one buffer in the movie in the shape of her husband Ben Falcone who plays a book shop owner who does not look too hard at the letters he's buying from Israel.

Absolutely adorable Picture by McCarthy
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Cool title makes for one of Iko Uwais best films!
26 October 2018
What a cool title. It screams kick ass crime drama.

The fight scenes are brutal. I forgot the name of the specific marshal art that these cats do over in Indonesia, but it makes for some brutal battles.

I could tell you what the story is about. It's tangled up in Asia's Triad and Trafficking problems, but I did not come here to see that story that makes it a movie, I came here to see fight after fight after fight and they know that's why I'm here cause that's what they give me.

Everything is a little more coordinated than the Raid, not as raw and natural a dance, and they used a lot of slick and polished camera angles (Met to look shake of course) but that's OK cause they so make up for it with some really cool finishing movies that end in this focus on some victims blood body (neat!)

And when it comes down to it, the one reason I wanted to see this so bad Mr. Uwais, totally proving he's at the top of this game. I can't wait to see him and Tony Jaa in Triple Threat. It amazes me how one movie can just be summed up in one awesome scene, but it happens.
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A little strange and a lot of boring.
4 September 2018
I hate to say it like that but it really was one of the most boring ghost stories I have ever seen. It could be that I'm just use to the actual ghost appearing on the screen but the actual story itself was boring. Maybe it would have been better with less than the illusion of ghost, but it was not suppose to be that story. Too bad. Too bad, I like Domhnall Gleeson as an actor. This was not one of his best outings. Gleeson plays a poor kid who grows up to be a doctor assigned to do house calls on the servants of a house he use to visit and admire as a kid. A house that according to Will Pouter's character, Roderick has bad vibes. Will Pouter did a great job as Roderick though. The most enjoyable part of this Slow Burn. Other than at it's really bland and not really worth it.
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Funny, but I was expecting more funny.
27 August 2018
Did Jim Henson's Son do this movie?

I think it was a little too dark and disturbing for the late great muppets creator, but Brian Henson makes a film that fits right up Melissa McCarthy's alley, but not as much as I would have liked. It's good for a few giggles, but it's not as funny as I hoped. It seems like I may have McCarthy on too high of a Pedestal these days cause I was expecting to get knocked out of the park when all I got was a bunt. This had a lot to do with the fact that the movie really focus on the puppets more than the humans and Melissa McCarthy was just a famous face they could put on the poster next top a blue puppet. It has it's moments of real messed up giggles (puppets having sex, puppets getting their face blown off and my favorite, a puppet who gets surgery to look more human), plus it's another team up between McCarthy and Maya Rudolph, but It's barely holding a candle top what McCarthy was attached to in the past.
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Amusing, beautiful and educational
3 August 2018
But your preaching to the choir.

Cameron Post is a young woman discovering her sexuality when she is caught doing things unchristian like, so her family takes her to a camp that's met brainwash you into believing your something that your not. What's really messed up is at that young age she does not even know who she is and they are try to destroy it before she does.

It is a movie that gets me asking a lot of questions that I already know the answers to, but it's questions that always should be ask cause I feel that it does help with the process of tolerance in the world.

In the The Miseducation of Cameron Post we become educated, in a movie that does it in a fun and enjoyable matter, but I'm a bit biased cause I'm a huge fan of Chloë Grace Moretz, who I thought was so fantastic as Cameron Post.
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An Action comedy, that's surprisingly way more action than comedy.
3 August 2018
When I think Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon doing a movie together, I'm thinking that it would be funnier.

The movie is amusing, but what makes it awesome is the large amount of action that is in the flick. I was not expecting this level of violence. I'm sure the filmmakers thought the violence would be funny, but it did not come across that way. It's almost like True Lies or something.

Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon make a wonderful team. They are extremely entertaining together. Reminds me a lot of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys: Two people better known for making us laugh are put in an action movie.

In fact I'm sure that's what happen and I like it a lot. It confusing a little at times cause I was there to laugh but that's OK I had a good time.
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Not the best movie in the world but I could watch it over and over again.
28 July 2018
I never thought we would actually get to the point in which we would see a six installments of the franchise. No matter how good you think Mission: Impossible III was it should not have even gotten that far, but I do feel it was that movie that started the franchise in going the direction of a true franchise.

Fallout once again features Cruse as Ethan Hunt, head of the Mission: Impossible field agents. Continuing from the movies previous Ethan and his team have to stop a rogue agency from using stolen plutonium to make three nuclear bombs.

Once again on Ethan's side is Luther Stickell, played by Ving Rhames who has been in every Mission: Impossible movie since number one, and let me tell you, I love just seeing that Ving Rhames is still in this franchise. As good as Ghost Protocol was on it's own the best part about it was that they did not forget about Luther who made a cameo at the end. Also joining Ethan again is Benji Dunn played by Simon Pegg who has been doing this since Mission Impossible III .

The adventures of Ethan Hunt and his team have become episodic. In a lot of ways I like it cause it makes a lot of the missions more mimic those done in the original series (only bigger obviously). Although it does mean that you have to have seen the other Mission Impossible movies to follow the actual story that's going on.

However, if you chose not to follow the story, Fallout is filled with some great and unique action sequences that were outright impressive. Mission: Impossible goes for the more realistic suspense and low tone over the archetype dramatic hype.

It's a change of tone that allows the filmmakers to add humor to the movie that blends in pretty well (Better if you have been following the Mission: Impossible franchise).

Mission: Impossible Fallout is a great movie, it's good action and if you are into the franchise the humor is nice, especially between Cruse Rhames and Pegg who lead the charge.
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Altogether Cassell was great in it.
25 July 2018
Bitter sweet inspiration about a man who truly struggled for his art.

I've been a fan of Vincent Cassell for years and he is the only reason why I wanted to see this movie when I saw the poster in a near by theater. Cassell plays Paul Gauguin, an artist who was willing to give up everything: his wife, his 5 children, all to travel down to Tahiti in hopes that the journey would make him a better artist. While down there he stars a romance with a woman who becomes his muse.

Cassell, himself was so good in the movie. It was a mixed bag of emotions as Cassell portrays a very selfish man who give up way too much to become a starving artist holding on to the dream that he would find pure inspiration. It was indeed a struggle, but Cassell's performance also show a man who was focus on living his best life.

Another great yet low key performance was done by Tuheï Adams who plays Tehura, the muse who became the focus of many of Gauguin's painting. I felt the two of them together had enough chemistry to keep the movie going.

Overall, I went to see this movie for Vincent Cassell and I'm very stratified with his performance enough to be interested in the man he portrayed (ignoring how a movie set in the late 1800s is painting a clear picture of what Gentrification looks like today.) Plus Tuhei Adams was a pleasant bonus and I hope to see more of her.
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