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Great Movie
16 July 2007
Koi Aap Sa is a great story about friendship and how it can turn to love. Aftab and Natassha are best friends. Natassha gets raped by her boyfriend's friend and becomes pregnant. When word gets out that Natassha is pregnant everyone wants to know who's baby it is. After telling her boyfriend and parents that she was raped they don't believe her and starts claiming that Aftab is the child's father. No one stands by her when she needs them the most, not even her boyfriend; only Aftab - Her best friend. Not being able to stand everyone's comments about the baby, Aftab decides he will marry Natassha and give the baby his name. Slowly you can see their friendship grow into love. But when her boyfriend finds out the truth about her being raped he decides he wants to be with her again.

Koi Aap Sa was an extremely great movie. Aftabs acting was great and I've never seen Natassha in another movie before this one and she acted with such ease you would almost forget shes acting and think this is really happening to her.

It's so nice to see how your real friends would stick by you no matter what happens in life.
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