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Awesome if you have a sense of humor
21 April 2018
After hearing so many negative reviews by the throngs of critics bashing this movie as not worth watching I was sceptical about going to see it but I've been waiting for a few years to see this and I generally ignore the critics anyway. I only go to see a movie in a theatre about once every 5 years or so and I was in no way, shape or form disappointed. It's definitely more of a movie for men with a lot of crude physical humor and goofy stupidity but that's what I was expecting. If you liked the first Super Troopers then you'll most likely enjoy the second one. If you're expecting an Oscar driven melodrama about the quirks of adolescent life or the latest high tech CGI action flick you'll be disappointed. But if you just want to laugh your ass off for an hour or so then Super Troopers 2 has what you need.
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Too Many Cooks (2014 TV Short)
It's definitely different.
3 September 2017
The first time I watched Too Many Cooks on Adult Swim I feared that I had suffered a stroke. I temporarily lost my grip on reality and thought perhaps I'd slipped into an acid flashback. I saved it on the DVR and made my wife watch it to confirm that I was actually seeing this twisted madness. Then I shared it with others via YouTube allowing the creeping insanity to spread far and wide. Like vines crawling up the back of your spine and tapping into your brain linking us all through a maddening vision we see Too Many Cooks as a new horizon..... Okay, maybe not all of that but it's twelve minutes of your life you'll never get back and you'll be a changed person from the experience.
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What on Earth? (2015– )
Sometimes it's interesting......sometimes
22 March 2017
I've been watching this show since it started and every once in a while you learn something new. The first season had some good content buried among the fluff they use to fill an hour but the second season was just a rearranged rerun of the first. When the third season started I checked it to see if there was anything new and they found fresh content but the fluff is getting increasingly pointless and misleading to the point of just spewing lies. What really got to me was the most recent episode where they refer to the Star of David as the "Star of Lucifer", I mean really? So you're going to relate the symbol of Judaism to Satanism? So the ignorant masses who watch this show will think that Jewish people are Satanists because of false information like this? I'm not Jewish myself and am more offended by the lack of proper information than anything but if I can see how a Jewish person could be very hurt and offended by this. I guess this is just another "Reality show" that has no basis in reality.
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The High Court (2017– )
Highly Amusing
8 March 2017
If you enjoy herbal medication and a good laugh then you will probably enjoy this show. It's stoned people goofing around and having fun so as long as that's something you're into then this should be right up your alley. I find it amusing that some of the people who come here to have their cases heard by a stoned comedian get surprised when their problems aren't taken seriously, I wonder what they expect.
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