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Read the book before assuming.
17 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
My only issue with this is the first critique of this film by the unemployed critic is that (I quote) "Just to shove that sympathetic feeling along, Columbus and Roth hand cancer to one of these 'I guess' unlovable characters, just to erase any doubt in the audiences' minds as to what emotion they should feel. It's disgusting." He also "comes clean" at the start of his review that he hasn't read the book, if he had, he would see that the cancer and unlovable characters ran throughout the book and as the story ends the reader is almost willing the same outcome as the author writes. I enjoyed the film and having read the book first it is interesting to see how someone else has interpreted the story and it seemed a fair representation of the book, with obviously the extra gags and "poetic licence" (esp. the Botox incident, which judging by the audience reaction was hilarious, I took my son to see this and he enjoyed it, but then he liked Home Alone too. I guess with all criticism, everyone is entitled to their opinion, that's what makes the world go round.
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