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Luke Cage (2016–2018)
Ordinary at Best. With slow moving action.
1 October 2016
I was utterly disappointed with the much over hyped Luke Cage. In all fairness, I also was not a fan of Jessica Jones. As it to bored me beyond belief. So, where did this show go wrong.

Well you can start in the casting department. Mike Colter is as wooden as they come in the lead role as Luke Cage. Of course Mike can't blamed for all of the mis-steps of the show. Mike didn't write the script which trodded at the pace of a snail.

When I watch a ACTION scripted show, I expect to see a well paced show with that as the theme. What I watched was a slow moving attempt at developing narcolepsy with the formulaic, stereotypical dialogue.

Big miss NETFLIX and somewhat comical that people are rating this show a 10
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Heck of a Western
11 March 2016
Heck of a Western, I expected it would be good before I viewed it when I saw Joel Edgerton had a major role in the movie

Edgerton can really bring it as a lead or support role. And he didn't disappoint.

But I was extremely impressed with Portman. She has picked some stinker roles in the past however she proved IMO she is no longer just the pretty face and she has honed her craft to be a very good actor.

Blows my mind that IMDb is only giving this movie a rating of 5.9 I am a big fan of westerns and I don't hand out high ratings with a whim or fancy.

Good to see Ewan McGregor in a small role. I thought he nailed his part, as well.
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Damien (2016)
Great first episode
8 March 2016
Great first episode that moves at a quick pace.

A&E looks like it could have another top notch drama if they give it a chance and allow it to develop.

It should be interesting to see how they spin the series and if they stick with the original formula.

I highly doubt that many of the millennials saw the Omen with Peck, Remmick and Warner at their best.

They created somewhat of a masterpiece with a creepy factor that made you feel a bit uneasy.

Hopefully, political correctness won't filter into the reviewers take since Damien's disciple in Syria was a Muslim woman.
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The 100 (2014– )
3rd season is a train wreck folks . the first two seasons were great
4 March 2016
The third season is a train wreck. A show that had so much promise and great scripts has now been turned into a lesbian fan fair for the comic con festivals.

What a disaster. Count me out until the screen writers get off their gay driven agenda

Poor dialogue Poor acting Lost killed off strong leaders in the series And now you enlist Thane from Black Sails and relegate him to a minor role as a wimp.

I gave you three stars and I was being generous.

My first thoughts were to give you 1 star for ruining a great TV series
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Defiance (2013–2015)
Extremely Under-Rated Sci Fi Show
5 September 2015
Over the last decade I have had some difficulty warming up to many of the sci-fi shows produced. For me it was a case of being to conventional and uninspiring.

Initially, I watched Defiance and tuned out after the first three episodes. I revisited the show later and gave it another try. And to my surprise I was rewarded with solid acting and good scripts. Hopefully, the show survives into season four it would be a shame to see it end prematurely in the ratings game. Good quality Sci- Fi shows are hard to find these days.

So like many other admirers of this show, I will wait to see the outcome. The Killjoys and Dark Matter are watchable but these shows do not have the depth and quality IMO
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Fortitude (2015–2018)
Excellent Series and different
8 February 2015
Great show! I am not one for commenting on IMDb but this show blew me away. The scenery is haunting with the setting being in the Antarctica. If you are looking for different and not the same boring, formulaic mystery thrillers this show should be for you. The closest way I could explain this series is that it is similar to Twin Peaks, just far better. The show has veteran actors in Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccleston and Stanley Tucci. Tucci was especially good as was Gambon. Richard Dormer also plays the role of the Norwegian Sheriff who has some obvious demons. His character is edgy to say the least. Check it out if you are looking for something new with several twists.
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