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Havoc (2005)
Vile Crap
3 August 2007
This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Within moments I was cringing at the hideous blaccents spewing forth from the mouths of some of todays hottest young talents. I was utterly and uncomfortably embarrassed for Anne Hathaway and Bijou Phillips. I grew up with white kids who were fully immersed in black and hip hop culture, and none of them were that lame. The opening scene in the beginning of the film was also hilarious. Was the writer or director a rich kid with something to prove after all of these years? That the rich kids are tough kids too? Just wait until you see glamorous little Anne Hathaway kicking a bunch of gang member ass, it's a riot.
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Impressive Performances, Read the Book
16 July 2007
Yeah, yeah, the book is always better than the movie, but in this case, it cannot be stated enough. While I think this was a pretty good film, go out and read the book. The movie is full of so many great performances, Shia was wonderful, Eric Roberts had a very small but breathtaking role at the end, but I think the breakout star is Channing Tatum, who is an absolutely heartbreaking revelation to watch. Channing Tatum should be in everything, Period. His performance affected me deeply. It is so rare to see a person with such incredible looks capable of displaying such dramatic range. Check this out to see the real talents of young Hollywood and don't forget to get down to the library or the bookstore to pick the book up.
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Xtro (1982)
Awesome, Life Changing
27 May 2007
OK, OK, so Xtro is no Alien, Close Encounters of the third Kind, or being anywhere near those films in quality, but it is an amazing early 80's alien flick chock full of really bizarre stuff that you will probably never see anywhere else. The first time I saw this I was quite young and it just totally freaked me out. I am a proud owner of a copy of Xtro and I must say, I no longer find it freaky, but it is still shockingly bizarre. Just watched it last night with friends. We laughed, cried, needed a drink afterward, and so will you. Who even knew the Brits had this kind of weirdness in them? See it immediately, then have that drink.
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