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Visually better than the Matrix
24 February 2015
As a lover of pretty much everything with great special effects, I have to say, that this film blew everything out the water. Considering there is special effects in almost every shot, each piece was given incredible detail, there are things moving way off in the background of shots that just add to the realism (of the un-realistic). Then there are the amazing set pieces, compared to Alien there isn't anything on a massive scale but the sets are highly elaborate and very imaginative with a lot to look at. There is also some funnier moments like the crazy bureaucratic sequence and the sanitary pad... I would say this film is on-par with John Carter of Mars, The Chronicles of Riddick and in some aspects all the marvel films (the visuals really are top notch in Jupiter) so give the plot a break and watch it for the stunning universe that they have created.
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A must watch, absolutely amazing!
15 January 2015
This programme has great promise, It could easily become one of the largest shows on TV. Nothing has ever been made to the scale of this show, that depicts what the world would be like (in the 60's) if the Nazis would have won WW2. It is high budget, story and visually driven, combining visuals that rival those of modern films, and a plot which we can only guess at. (unless you have read the book(s)). The acting is very good- for those who don't know the lead actress was in The Chronicles of Riddick, and one of the men "we" meet is from Supernatural. If you like Hunger Games, GoT, Legends, Vikings or any of these shows, you will like this. I highly recommend watching this, to everyone. Watch it!
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