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Damaged (2014 TV Movie)
Worse Movie Ever
3 January 2015
That was the worse movie I ever!!! Started out good then only took like 15 minutes to start to suck, got so annoyed with it that we fast forwarded to the end just to be even more annoyed and disappointed with how crappy of an ending it had too!!!! I was so excited to watch this movie, I hate this movie, its stupid I have to write at least 10 lines to post my review so I guess I will just keep saying again and again it sucks soooooo bad. was good for 15 minutes max then went down hill very fast, awful plot line, the description of the movie is misleading too, says nothing bout how stupid and screwed up in the head the dumb girl is, they make you think they will have an affair when that doesn't happen,! ONCE AGAIN....VERY VERY Disappointed WITH THIS MOVIE!!!!!
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