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Saving Hope (2012– )
Surprisingly mesmerizing
20 January 2016
Considering that I love to spend my free time watching medical dramas with a twist of supernatural, I really can't comprehend how I've missed Saving Hope so far. Being a moderate Stargate SG-1 fan, it's quite natural that Michael Shanks brought me here, but while I was expecting another fairly drama-packed, standardised medical show, I was quite surprised to see a really good character development. And while I resisted in the beginning, I'm really enjoying the dedication of Alex, the reserved but caring demeanor of Joel, the quirkiness of D-r Hamza and the amusing yet adorable way that Charlie deals with his gift/curse.

There are a few things that actually remind me of Grey's Anatomy (the high school-like relationships and dramas around the hospital, the constant endangerment of the hospital staff etc.), but unlike the other show Saving Hope is quite realistic when it's portraying the personal issues and musings of the staff when it's challenged with seemingly unbearable situation. Throughout the three seasons I've watched so far, I was amused, shocked, saddened and caught hoping and coping side by side with the characters - a thing I never do when the spirit of a show just isn't there.
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