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This show wasn't well thought out
1 December 2006
I have read about 2 pages of comments for this short-lived series. The general consensus seems to be that this was a well written and topical show that was yanked off the air by scared short-sighted TV execs. How can anyone really believe that nonsense. Whenever I hear the hype that a series "pushes the limits" or any of dozens of other metaphors, it is usually a good bet that the hype is covering up a really horrible show. This show was no exception.

It wasn't well written, the characters were stock and the dialogue was insipid. No real thought was given to plot or characterization. The show was all about shock value, although I hesitate to use the word "value" in a review about this show. Finally, contrary to popular belief at this site; this show wasn't canceled because of a boycott by the "religious right". It was taken off the air because no one was watching. When all is said and done, it doesn't matter if your show is "pushing the envelope". If you can't pay the light bills, you can't exist. This show couldn't keep a flashlight going.
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Backfield in Motion (1991 TV Movie)
A unusually wonderful movie.
12 June 2006
I can't believe that this movie hasn't been commented on before now. As far as I am concerned this is a must see movie. There are several things that set this movie apart from many other made for TV movies. First of all the choice of leads Tom & Roseann. You usually think of the two of them as comedians, but they both give beautiful heartwarming performances that you wouldn't normally expect form either of them. They have both gone on to other things in their careers, but this movie stands out as perhaps their finest performances.

Second is the characters in this story. Not only are they believable, but you actually can care about each and every one of them. The story itself is nicely constructed, and it leaves you really wanting that happy resolution you hope is coming. If this movie ever comes on TV in your area, the hour and a half you spend watching it will not have been wasted.
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