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Euphoria (2019– )
Don't believe the 1/10 OR 10/10 reviews
19 June 2019
I'm so sick of seeing people give shows and movies 1/10 if they don't like it or 10/10 if they like it. So here is my short, messy and jumbled, but NUANCED review. This show is pretty great so far! It's not a masterpiece 10/10 and it's certainly not a 1/10. The first episode takes us through the life of the main character and just begins to introduce the supporting characters. The cinematography, writing, acting and pacing are all fantastic. It is a sad, depressing, shocking, and disturbing show. It's not for everyone. But it grabbed my attention immediately and held it through the whole episode. There were parts where I almost teared up, and one part where I literally had my jaw hanging open! (And not because of any of the nudity, drug use, or violence that many people have been clutching their pearls over.) My biggest criticism would be that there are two characters who aren't fleshed out at ALL so far. They're flat, one dimensional and not likeable. In fact, one of them is absolutely terrible with 0 redeeming qualities. However, since this is only the first episode and i assume the show will flesh all the characters out throughout the rest of the 8 episode run, it's kind of unfair to criticize on this point too much. Thankfully, I do care about all the other characters for the most part. The show also happens to have one of the few, and most realistic on screen depictions of OCD and mental illness/disorders I've seen in my life. I say this as someone with OCD, though not the same type and perhaps not as severe as is depicted.

Anyway, the first episode overall is a great pilot. It starts strong, keeps you intrigued, and ends with a little twist. I am definitely going to tune in in the weeks to come.

SIDE NOTE: one of the biggest criticisms I've been hearing of the show so far is that it's "not realistic." "Teens don't do THIS many drugs." "Teens don't have THIS much sex, or party THIS hard." Etc. In response I'd say this: speak for your damn self. As a teen, my experience certainly wasn't like this at all. But just because my experience wasn't like this and your experience may not have been like this, doesn't mean it wasn't like this for anyone else. The creator, Sam Levinson has stated he took inspiration for Euphoria from his struggles with addiction as a teen. Many teens struggle with drugs, violence, sex, partying, social pressures, social media, bullying etc.... and most teens will find at least some stuff in the show relatable. For me, it was the OCD depiction. Also, even if it's not realistic to you, who cares? If it's entertaining and high quality (which it is) then you'll probably enjoy it.
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Absolutely incredible mini-series, worth the watch for everyone.
2 October 2015
This show (technically mini-series) is incredible. I first heard about it while watching the 2015 Emmys, and decided to watch it after it dominated there, winning 8 awards, out of its 13 nominations. And there is a reason for those awards. This show is phenomenal. I've never seen anything like it. It's simultaneously super depressing and of a certain quality standard that you don't see too often, although to be fair, it is only four episodes. I won't tell you what it's about because it already says on the IMDb page, all I'll say is the story revolves around depression, emotions, and family. If you are debating watching it, do it. HBO Now gives users a 30 day free trial, and honestly, this is an example of how excellent HBO shows can be. Even if there wasn't a free trial, it's worth paying for a subscription to watch this.
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Marco Polo (2014–2016)
Could've been great, but missed by a mile.
30 December 2014
Marco Polo could've been so good. With a budget of 90 Million dollars, a gritty looking cover, and Netflix behind it, you'd think it would be. But it's not. In fact, its one of the worst shows Netflix has ever made, and probably the worst show I've ever seen. The acting is bad, the story is confusing and barely makes any sense, (although it would probably make more sense if I was inclined to pay more attention, but it's so terribly boring I found myself fighting to keep my eyes open half the time.) And it feels like a lot of jumbled events shoved into a season. The pacing is terrible, with random kiss/sex scenes and fight scenes seemingly dumped randomly through the show to counteract the boring court scenes that make up the majority of the show. The only saving grace is that the finale of the season is the best episode, with a (hard to understand) cliffhanger. Every other episode is terrible.

In conclusion, this show is boring, unrealistic, poorly acted, terribly paced, and not worthy of your time. Give it a miss.
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Breaking Bad (2008–2013)
In short, this show is a masterpiece.
26 December 2014
Do yourself a favor and watch arguably one of the best, highest rated, most award nominated/award winning shows ever. I probably don't need to tell you about the plot, because most people know what it is, but in case you don't know, Walter White, a high school Chemistry teacher, and Jessie, his old high school student, meet up and work together with Walters knowledge of Chemistry, and Jessies' street knowledge, they build a meth empire. Each season has its own story arch, revolving around a different character or idea, and each season is more intense than the last. This show also has some of the best acting I've ever seen. And all of it is on Netflix. You know what to do.
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