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great account of making a film
29 December 2006
I am sligthly biased because I appear in this film but i loved it and I am only in about seven dispersed minutes and am not nearly the most interesting part of it. The film is an honest and intriguing account of a noble independent group of filmmakers trying to make a lovable movie. It is also an account of bloated expectations and fallen heros The interviews are well patched together in the editing. The different people are all interesting and there is never really too much of one person. Also, the interviews are shot in a pretty interesting fashion keeping the film visually satisfying. Definitely a worthwhile film. I hope it gets around.
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provcative film; cinemagraphic tribute to Mr. Greenway
7 September 2006
I thought this a cinemagraphic joy to watch. Also Sir John magnificent. I brought it to a gentleman who lives in a residence-assisted living also. He is a master sculptor-nudes and erotic art for 60+ yrs. He showed it to two friends for an evening movie. I am accused by his 'guardian' of bringing a "pornographic movie" into the establishment. I would appreciate comments to vindicate my action and question the obvious uneducated application of such description. Also, the gentlemen who viewed it, although surprised at the nudity, are Shakespeare scholars which is one reason I brought this film to them. Thank you.
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excellent and quirky film
2 February 2006
I was pleased to screen this film at my festival:

The Santa Fe

Film Festival... this is a quirky and heart felt dramedy with a strong message. The acting is terrific.

I love the tone. A great story. Definitely worth seeing. You root for the hero. You feel pride for the cause. You can feel the scenery. I also like the feel of times past.

Mary Mcdonnell is a gem. The male lead is also addicting. What a wonderful face. I loved this film. Very well directed. A unique film unlike anything I've ever seen.
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