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Brilliant installation for a new generation
11 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Don't judge me, but I haven't seen the original movies. In my defense, I wasn't born when the first one came out so I didn't grow up with them. This is an impartial review, with no comparing to the original.

But I went to see this dinosaur adventure movie as a 21 year old girl and I loved it.

I went in fully expecting it to be a bit of a slasher movie. Dinosaurs eating people and such, but I was completely floored. The cinematography, oh my god. The whole movie was beautifully done. I don't think I've been that impressed by the cinematography of a movie since "Les Mis".

Once I'd got over how beautiful the scenery was, I started to pay attention to the story.

I loved the banter between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Their chemistry was great and it added the necessary comic relief to situations that could have been too intense. I thought the actors who played BDH's nephews were good, but they weren't memorable, however I do acknowledge that their characters were necessary to the story. I just thought the older one was a little obnoxious and the younger one a bit whiny.

The story progressed smoothly and the plot twists and turns were exciting.

But my all time favorite part was the relationship between Chris Pratt's character Owen, and his raptors. It was beautiful. I thought it was a great example of how everyday animal handlers and carers get to know their animals and develop a trust. I thought it also showed how important good and supportive captivity programs are.

It was also really cool. C'mon, Chris Pratt was totally the master of those raptors hehe.

So even though I haven't seen the originals, I think "Jurassic World" stands alone as the beginning of the new franchise for the current generation.

10/10 stars. Can't wait for it to come out on DVD.
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A Star for Christmas (2012 TV Movie)
25 May 2015
Watching this movie was like driving past a car crash. I didn't want to look away even though it was bad.

While the premise was promising (Yes, I noticed the Notting Hill plot), the writing was sub par, the acting okay, and the chemistry between the two leads non-existent.

The ending was also weird. I know it was a romantic comedy so it's supposed to have a "happily ever after", but the writers just completely rushed it, and got rid of the main antagonist but having her magically pair off with Cassie's strange brother.

Disappointed. They could have done better. 1.5 hours of my life I'll never get back.
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Bridal Wave (2015 TV Movie)
Another Satisfying Hallmark Romance
25 April 2015
I watched this movie purely because I saw that Arielle Kebbel and Andrew Walker were together again. Like every girl who saw it, "A Bride for Christmas" is one of my favorite Hallmark romances.

While it wasn't as good as their previous movie together, "Bridal Wave" was still a really good effort.

Arielle was, as ever, a strong female lead, and she made the audience sympathize with her. Her character was sweet and dependable, yet she had the right amount of spunk to combat Andrew's character. While I hated the buzz cut that Andrew Walker was sporting, he was still charming and funny, and I really liked how he came to see something in Arielle's "Georgie".

The penultimate confrontation made me laugh and I really enjoyed how the movie ended. It wasn't cliché which was a breath of fresh air.

The gorgeous surrounding scenery was also a plus.

Well done, Hallmark.
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A Novel Romance (2015 TV Movie)
Really Enjoyable
25 April 2015
This movie really surprised me. When I read the premise I was quite skeptical, believing that this movie would be another one of Hallmark's cheesy rom-coms (not that that's a bad thing!) but I quality of this movie was great!

The lead actors were fantastic, particularly Amy Acker who delivered a great performance.

I thought the writing of this movie was really great, as it didn't end in the cliché way I thought it would. I liked that the characters faced more strife and trouble in their relationship than the average Hallmark romance.

9/10 stars. You lost the last star in the finale moment. Just a teensy bit corny. Otherwise a great flick. Recommended.
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Love, Rosie (2014)
One of the best romcoms
1 December 2014
I love a romantic comedy as much as the next girl. I go in fully expecting the cheesiness and I'm okay with that. But "Love, Rosie" was brilliant!

Not only was it heartwarming, romantic and funny, it was dramatic with great moral lessons about friendship, family, honor, trust and responsibility.

I came out of the cinema thinking "Wow, that was really worth my money."

Lily Collins and Sam Clafin were both brilliant leads and they had heaps of chemistry together.

I would recommend this film to anyone as they will love it. Girls, have no fear of your boyfriend complaining about being dragged to a romcom after this one. I think even HE will be rooting for Rosie and Alex to get together.

10/10 stars. Can't wait for the DVD!
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Blue Lagoon: The Awakening (2012 TV Movie)
Quite Enjoyable
30 November 2014
I actually really enjoyed this movie and have watched it again several times.

Although it's quite predictable, it's quite a different take on the "stranded on a tropical island" romantic angle. There were quite a few dramatic moments and the lead actors really stepped up. They showed personal strength and courage which is a credit to the writers and it really helped us, as an audience, start to root for the characters.

The movie also benefited from a strong supporting cast as well which really lifted the caliber of this TV movie.

Would definitely recommend to any romance/drama/adventure movie buffs.
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A Royal Christmas (2014 TV Movie)
Typical Hallmark
29 November 2014
Look, I love a cheesy romcom as much as the next girl, but can the writers PLEASE make sure the script is at least marginally accurate? There were so many peerage mistakes in this movie that really irritated me.

Lacey Chabert was charming and the Prince guy was reasonably believable as a young royal wanting to find a "real" girl but aside from that there wasn't much this film could offer. I really wish that Jane Seymour wouldn't degrade herself to projects like this (speaking as a Dr. Quinn fan).

If you enjoy the fluffy, feel-good, holiday films that Hallmark make then this film is for you. If you're after a real life Cinderella tale then look elsewhere. May I suggest "Ever After"?

3/10 stars. Sorry Hallmark. Not your best holiday movie.
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A Bride for Christmas (2012 TV Movie)
Surprisingly Good
29 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm usually pretty skeptical going in to Hallmark movies but this one surprised me.

Of course there was the usual combination of the attractive leads, the quick love story and the happily ever after, but it made a pretty good movie along the way.

Arielle Kebbel was a strong lead and although her likeness to the Julia Roberts character was shameful (tut tut writers). She became her own "runaway bride" though, and even though she left 3 guys at the altar because she was too chicken to say "no", I found myself rooting for her. And that's what you want to be when watching a rom-com - rooting for the leads.

Cookie-cutter ending, but it was satisfying to say the least.

Bravo, Hallmark.
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