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Kirk Cameron isn't "saving Christmas" he's desecrating it
17 November 2014
What's wrong with this movie? There's not enough time or space to cover all of it, so I'll just share the main reasons why anyone who loves Jesus, His Word and His people should or would never watch this mockery of Christmas.

"Saving Christmas" is in direct violation of Romans 14:5-6 and 22-23, twists Scripture, reconstructs history and encourages gluttony.

There's nothing in this film that is "wholesome" and good for anyone, believer or non-believer.

Let's save others from Kirk and crew's version of Christ's first coming and celebrate (if your conscience allows) with reverence, awestruck wonder and with the true and great joy that envelopes all who are humbled by and grateful for God's most amazing Gift--Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God.
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