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Red Band Society (2014–2015)
Eating Disorder Awareness
16 November 2014
I really enjoy this new TV series and would love to see it continue! I do have one concern, however. As a 21 year old girl who has suffered from anorexia for 9 years and been in and out of hospitals for 3 years, I greatly hope that as the show continues, there is light shown on the seriousness of this disease. The show does not portray even slightly the extent of this disease. It is the number one cause of death in girls ages 18-24. It is deadly and it is serious. Just as much as cancer. So I ask that you please begin to better portray what it's really like to be in a hospital for an eating disorder, including the weight restoration, the constant monitoring, bed rest, feeding tubes, labs, dangerously low or high vitals, passing out, bathroom checks, the list goes on... Never in a hospital for an eating disorder would the patient be allowed to simply roam the hospital without monitoring and do as he or she pleases. The way it is portrayed in this show is far from reality. So please, do your research and help educate the public on the prevalence and mortality of this disease. Thank you.
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