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B movie but not bad
28 May 2006
I just watched Red Blood, and was surprised that it is a decent B movie. At first I noticed that there wasn't any recognizable stars in the movie and thought that it would be bad. But you know when you start watching a B movie and the acting is so amateurish that it becomes funny and mildly entertaining, well thats "Red Blood". The characters include the unlikely matching of American Indians, typical New York Mafia types and a few cowboys.The unique part of the movie is that the Indians are shown with real life attributes, not plastic ones. There is even some Indian boob shots if you care about this sort of thing. The writing carries a sense of suspense to the end. Ultimately, an amateurish movie with some laughs, and plenty of gratuitous violence. MajicRay says---Check it out!
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So bad it's funny
15 January 2006
I got this movie out of the library. I selected it because of the box. This is one of those B grade movies that keeps you watching because it is like watching a train wreck. Most of the actors are amateurs stumbling through their lines. About halfway through the movie you start wondering if the lead actress is going to take her clothes off--and she obliges. I have seen worse movies than this. This movie is mildly entertaining because it is so bad it is kinda good--in a funny sort of way.One scene has 5 thugs blasting away at the hero with shotguns and machine guns, but they all miss. Also it was interesting to see Martin Sheen's brother as an actor.
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