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9 September 2008
A fine film exploring an inspiring young woman. I am absolutely blown away by Kier-La and her quest to make people love what she loves. My dying wish is to meet this unique woman and shake her hand...Wow all the way...

The picture charts the evolution of Kier-La's little Vancouver genre film fest Cinemuerte and documents the funny, sweet and devoted team that surrounds her. The stuff with Udo Kier had me rolling. We also get some candid and poignant peeks into her personal life and tumultuous teenage past.

Brilliant girl, great film. Find it.
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Revolver (2005)
13 September 2005
If this were a David Lynch or David Cronenberg movie we'd be gushing..but Ritchie ultimately is not these directors so the surrealist film REVOLVER will alienate many fans. REVOLVER takes the pretensions of the tough guy gangster flicks that Ritchie has been known for and remixes them into a masturbatory, pretentious, overdone but fascinating mess. I almost walked out several times during this meanders, is dull, obnoxious, but completely and utterly unpredictable. I liked it. Very much. It will inspire discussion and no matter what it's faults, film doesn't do that any more.

Guy, IF you read this - take heart. You will get ASS RAPED by the critics and fans alike. BUT they'll talk about it...eventually, REVOLVER will find a massive cult of pseudo intellectuals and the film will ABSOLUTELY be viewed as a turning point in your career. There is no other film quite like it and for that, for your ambition and mastery of new, slick cinematic are to commended. Follow your film journey wherever it takes you..eventually you will be followed.

Growing is ALWAYS painful!
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Elizabethtown (2005)
Nobody does it like Crowe...
9 September 2005
No other filmmaker captures the wonder and sweet, sweaty palmed innocence of new love better than Cameron Crowe. Crowe's unique view of the world, of the US and pop culture isn't naive - he's aware of and recognizes the flaws and horrors of the world around us but somehow sees beyond...his work is about the simple joys of being in love, of being alive, of the gentle eccentricities of mankind. I love him and ELIZABETHTOWN is his magnum opus, a funny, quietly moving, Rockwellian comedy with a glorious turn by Dunst and a likable one by Bloom. Many people will recoil at this film - like a symphony, it has many movements and complex orchestrations and certainly it isn't without flaws (lengthy running time, Sarandon's tap dance finale)but when it's all said and done ELIZABETHTOWN is a warm, endearing and romantic celebration of life and love. As usual, Crowe brings his passion for pop music to the forefront, breathing new lyrical life to classic rock and obscure B sides. I LOVE what he did to Lindsay Buckingham's acoustic version of Fleetwood Mac's BIG LOVE.

Hey...I adored this movie. It WILL stand the test of time and Crowe, God love him, is an artist to be equally cherished.
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The Stink of Flesh (2005 Video)
Weird, twisted little flick...
3 June 2005
This is the sleaziest, strangest zombie film I've ever seen in my life. And I've seen plenty of zombie films! Like George Romero cross bred with Tennesee Williams and Sergio Leone. Really cheap and dirty and consistently inventive with some truly great electronic music by Chris Alexander and Carrie Eliza. Does anyone know if this is the SAME Chris Alexander who writes for Rue Morgue magazine? Unlike some people on this board who thought that "the kid" was stupid and unnecessary...haven't any of you seen Flesh for Frankenstein? And I love that the character is named MATOOL...that was the island in Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE!

Anyway, I loved it...but it certainly isn't for all tastes.
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