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Billy Club (2013)
Bloody good!
21 October 2014
This instant cult classic had me on my seat the whole film. Suspense, Surprise and humor is delivered with impeccable timing throughout the movie. A total blast to watch, this delivers everything you could ask from a horror movie: Scary and mysterious murderer, spooky set and ambiance, adrenaline pumping surprises, fun cast and plot, comic relief and awesome pacing.Though Rosas and Sommer took great care to pay homage to 90's horror they kept the story and characters fresh and captivating and plot twists were unexpected and exhilarating. The moments of comedy always hit it out of the park, and certainly had the theater in hysterics. I still start laughing whenever I think of the scenes in the forest, these brought me to tears because they were so gut busting hilarious. My dream come true would to go to Rocky Horror style midnight screenings of this flick. So many great lines and moments to share!
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Pester (2014)
Unexpected And Beautiful Film
19 October 2014
A beautiful film. Deeply moving and unexpected. The artful cinematography captures impressive and honest performances from Nick Sommer and Matthew Dunlop and the story explores profound and challenging themes. Thought provoking and complex, this heartfelt film portrays the Pester's, a family of exterminators, and themes of addiction, decay, and death with surprising empathy, clarity, and humor. "Pester" renders a rich emotional landscape that sweeps from the smallest creatures scurrying in the dirt to the expansive desert sky. Though this is a premise that could easily lend itself to a dark and unsettling character study the layered performances, impeccable timing, and studied observations give this story a sense of discovery. "Pester" constructs a world both unfamiliar and resonant, haunting and staggeringly beautiful. This is a work that stick with you and demands to be watched multiple times. Highly recommended.
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