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Involution (2018)
A seemingly interesting idea whose execution is deeply flawed
1 August 2018
This is one of the films i have chosen to see from FEST 18 in Belgrade. The idea of this movie seemed interesting to me, thus making my decision to see it.

'Involution', an english language European film directed by a Russian director/cinematographer Pavel Khvaleev, backed up by German production, unfolds an apocalyptic story where the entire world turns back on Darwin's theory on Evolution. The main leads, Hamming and Liv, a couple witnessing their future turn on its head and must save themselves from this apocalypse.

Honestly, i thought it wasn't that bad, yet it could've been done a lot better. It is not an easy task to make a challenging movie under a tight budget. The acting is rather cheesy, forced and cartoonish (especially the Cain character). The plot in some parts did not make any sense. However, the cinematography is absolutely stunning, especially in the dream sequences.

I would give this movie 5/10. Again, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great. It could've done better.
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Combustion (2013)
1 April 2015
I've seen this movie at school and i just fell asleep. There's just nothing. No action, no important plots, just lazy drama motives and people f**king each other in many scenes. It's all Fast & Furious minus the action and more soft-core porn done multiple times throughout the movie. This should be neglected and called one of the Europe's worst films. The acting, camera direction and directing are okay, though the plot and the action are the problem, especially with too much scenes of soft-core porn. What does that make it look like? Spanish Emmanuelle with the mix of Fast & The Furious?

I'd recommend you to watch something else instead of accepting your classmates' suggestion.
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The Silent (2014)
6 February 2015
This is not a real film made by Arya Ghavamian. This is originally made by M Dot. Strange. It's 100% Heart String Marionette only with minor changes such as cutting off dialogs and adding a few frames. I can't believe that you'd credit yourself as a producer, editor and an animator, which you have nothing to do with M Dot's work. You even tried to cover your own soul by lying that it's yours and trying to make money off of M Dot for your own sake, Arya. Yet he and his fans have managed to get rid of the movie and banned you from the Cinequest festival and replaced Heart String Marionette instead, which is good news! However, to those who are curious about this 'film' of his? Don't even t.h.i.n.k. about seeing the film. Watch Heart String Marionette and his other films instead.
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It's an okay film, but almost everything is missing.
13 January 2015
I just stumbled upon this film on the TV set and i was really wondered of watching that one out. Sure the 70's settings are nicely done, but unfortunately the story doesn't add anything new to it. I feel that it needs something to completely fulfill our satisfaction. There is no overall humor in this movie, though there are some good pitch black humor into it, but it's not enough. there could be some more evil things included in that film, like Happiness or Sitcom, for example. Acting in some characters are okay, a bit dry. this film in no particular ways, have disappointed me after all.

4 out of 10.
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