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Thundercats (2011–2012)
Terrific remake of an 80s classic
18 October 2014
This was a truly epic remake of the 1980s megahit, ThunderCats. Was number one in its timeslot among the coveted 18-34 year old demographic.

The show respected the source material yet brought its own personality and updated the content for a modern audience. There was a much more plot driven focus here with long story arcs that carried a lot of weight.

The creative team behind the show made the destruction of Thundera a much more personal, visceral event. Rather than emulate the main device of the original series, where Lion-O wakes up in the body of a man and the mind of a child, this series explores the sudden responsibility thrown on the teenage Lion-O and the loss of his home city and Father Claudus (voiced by the original series voice actor, Larry Kenney).

There is a sibling rivalry between Lion-O and Tygra that carries over into their relationships with Cheetara. Mumm-Ra is cast as much more powerful villain and heads roll!

Cartoon Network made a big mistake cancelling this show.
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