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Enlightened (2011–2013)
Great Show
27 January 2012
This show was not advertised in the UK, so I stumbled on this by accident and I'm so glad that I did. It is up there as a favourite now.

This show reminds me of Nurse Jackie, another great show, where it allows you to judge whether you think the characters are right/wrong or good/bad - they are not telling you what to think of the characters.

The cast is also great, both Laura Dern and Diane Ladd are fantastic as usual. I'm so pleased they have chosen to do TV because in recent years films have not taken notice of their great talents. Luke Wilson is the best I've ever seen him act. I love the motley crew of people she works with - great acting all round.

Also a TV show where a person actually does a full time job without the job being the main premise of the show.
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The Slap (2011)
Great acting
7 January 2012
I have never read the book, so I watching not knowing what to expect. I thought the acting was great. I'd seen a few of the actors in films over the years (George, Okonedo and LaPaglia), but it was the ones I had never seen before that drew me in (namely, Essie Davis, Lowe and Blake Davis).

The thing I liked most about this drama is that it is never 'in your face', like the racism for example, people make a few racist 'views' rather then full on racist words, so it's all very under lining which often happens in real life. An abortion takes place, but the actual abortion is not the point and whether it is right or wrong, it just give you an insight into the character and what she is about.

As a brit my only taste of Australian TV has been fluffy shows like Neighbours/Home & Away so it was great to see some real drama coming from Australia.
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