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Highway to Heaven (1984–1989)
5 July 2007
Wow, I used to love this program, I woke up this morning thinking about it! Very fond memories watching it!

I must have been around 6years old watching this, it was always on in the UK around early afternoons I think - I really thought I was older, but when it came out - I was 2!! So I must have started watching it later on in the series.

Michael, wasn't he in Little House on the Prarie as well? Another good little program!

Ahh, Very fond memories of this - gonna be sad, and try find the DVD's! Anyway, it's certainly betters from the rubbish thats on TV now! (Well, OK, some stuff!)

I guess this really wasn't a proper review - just a nostalgic post!
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Revolver (2005)
A great film
10 November 2005
I have just finished watching this film and I can honestly say that this is a work of art. I was very surprised to see the overall rating as 5.2.

Not only does Guy bring together a b list(ish) movie cast and make them into such glorious characters, he has given us a movie with a fantastically diverse story line with much left to the imagination.

Far too many people are wanting movies with a plot that can be understood and handed to them on a plate...yet these are the films that get poor reviews because they are far too predictable.

This film is special. Get it, now!
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