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Best Lennon/Beatles Documentary Ever
9 October 2019
I believe this documentary is the best portrait of Lennon and The Beatles on film.

It revolves around the recording of song "Imagine" as well as the album of the same name in 1971. It is narrated by Lennon from tons of interviews he gave. After the scene is set, it goes back to the beginning of The Beatles and and see many familiar clips of performances of "Twist And Shout", "From Me To You" and "Help". The most fascinating part of this doc are rare home movies of John at home and of some news segments probably not seen since there were aired. A striking scene shows where an obsessed fan found his way to John's England estate. The young man is confused and may be on drugs but believes John's songs are speaking directly to him, asking him the meaning behind his "I Dig A Pony" song, John tells him it was just playing around with words, literally a nonsense song. John gently tells him the songs should not be mixed up with his own life and offers the guy something to eat. After we see the psychedelic Beatle years of "Strawberry Field Forever" and "Sgt Pepper", it goes into John's years of peace protests and marriage to Yoko Ono where the press and some fans turned on him. One news reporter refers to him as the most "way out" of The Beatles. The most memorable scene for me was when John and Yoko were doing their "bed-in" for peace in 1969, conservative cartoonist Al Capp (creator of "Lil Abner") came to heckle them. Capp sarcastically puts down the album "Two Virgins" in which John and Yoko appeared full frontal naked on the cover. He also complains about the lyrics to "Ballad Of John and Yoko" where John sings about "they're gonna crucify me", John tells Capp he is taking it too literally. Capp also tells him "I'm sure the other 3 guys are Englishmen!" This is a very well rounded portrait of Lennon as we see the witty, peaceful side most associate with him but we also see the anger and impatience most did not get to see. There is a scene where he angrily curses out a recording engineer for not setting up the correct version of a song he wanted. He loses his temper when NY Times reporter Gloria Emerson accuses him of self aggrandizing behavior with his peace protests. She says she used to admire him, but he tells her "Well I'm glad you liked the old mop tops, love, but I've grown up, but you obviously haven't!" We also get some rare home movies during the years he quit the music business to raise his son. Best scene is when he and Yoko meet a fan in Central Park, of course the first question he asks is "When are The Beatles gettin' back together?" John's funny answer was "Oh tomorrow, tomorrow!"
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Maude: The New Housekeeper (1974)
Season 3, Episode 4
The Debut Of Mrs Naugatuck
20 September 2019
Maude hires a new live in housekeeper but Walter objects.

One of the funniest of Season 3 and new character Mrs Naugatuck (Hermoine Baddely) is great addition to the cast. She is a boisterous English lady, not afraid to speak her mind. She is quite different from the more subtle Florida. She wins over Walter by constantly pampering him and referring to him as master of the house. Now it is Maude who objects to her. They have some funny back and forth catty banter.
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Maude: Walter's Heart Attack (1974)
Season 3, Episode 3
Maude Uses Son Of A ...
18 September 2019
Adele is a female employee who is threatening suicide, Walter is trying to prevent her from doing that while he has a mild heart attack.

A very funny and controversial episode. Maude is waiting for Walter to come home and he is lying to her about being late. Jill Clayburgh (in a very early role) plays Adele and she has some funny moments. Arthur rushes to Walter's side and puts him in the hospital. Another funny scene is when worried Maude finds out he was in a young woman's apartment. More laughs when Walter comes home fully well but pretending to still be sick. The last scene, where Maude calls Walter a son of a b***h, cause some shock when first broadcast. My title for this review is the same one I saw in the newspaper that day after it aired.
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Maude: The Kiss (1974)
Season 3, Episode 2
Walter And Vivian Kiss
16 September 2019
Vivian has a fight with Arthur, Walter tries to comfort her and they end up kissing, Maude and Arthur see it.

A very funny episode, Season 3 is really clicking. It begins with a funny scene of Walter deciding to smoke a pipe driving Maude crazy. Then a sobbing Vivian comes in telling about Arthur and her dog Chuck. It seems Chuck lifted his leg on Arthur and Arthur retaliated! Maude goes over to Arthur's house to straighten him out, and they return to find Walter and Vivian kissing. They try to explain that it was just between friends, but Maude is not convinced. One of the funniest moments is when Arthur suggests he and Maude kiss. Maude says "Wouldn't it be easier just to shoot them?"
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Maude: The Runaway (1974)
Season 2, Episode 24
Francie Returns
7 September 2019
Francie shows up at the Findlay home making up a story about being beaten by her father, she really wants to run off with her boyfriend Hinkley.

The final show of Season 2 and one of the best. Maude falls for Francie's story right away ("You mean he went upside your head?"). Maude is willing to give Francie money to run away but Walter objects. They find out Francie and Hinkley are running away to start a rock and roll career. In the funniest scene they sing a version of "Yankee Doodle" with Hinkley playing spoons! Francie's father shows up and they find out he does not beat her. It ends with a funny and touching scene at the end. This is the last appearance of Francie which is too bad since she was in two of the best episodes.
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Maude: Phillip's Problem (1974)
Season 2, Episode 23
Phillip Is Being A Brat
6 September 2019
Carol and Chris are going away and leaving a misbehaving Phillip with Maude and Walter.

A funny episode and one of the few that focuses on Phillip. There are some topical jokes on "The Exorcist". Walter wants to spank Phillip and says that "to make a child act like an angel at one end, you have to beat the devil out of him at the other". Funniest scene is when Maude takes Phillip in the kitchen and pretends to beat him. Carol and Chris have their own scene in a diner, interrupted by an obnoxious guy (Phillip Bruns). By the end it appears that Carol and Chris will definitely tie the knot, but this is Chris's final appearance.
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Maude: The Investment (1974)
Season 2, Episode 22
Arthur's Bad Stock TIp
4 September 2019
Walter is angry with Arthur because he gave him a stock tip where he lost a lot of money.

A very funny episode with some great arguing between the two couples. It begins with a funny scene with Phillip wanting to see "The Exorcist". Arthur and Vivian have returned from their honeymoon and now are over for bridge night with Maude and Walter. Walter gets even angrier when he finds out Arthur did not invest his own money in the stock. Some hilarious arguments ensue with Walter and Arthur practically in a fist fight. Maude and Vivian also have some funny insults back and forth.
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Maude: The Tax Audit (1974)
Season 2, Episode 21
Walter Is Audited
2 September 2019
The tax examiner shows up at the house and Maude recognizes him as the sailor who tried to rape her 30 years ago.

An OK episode. Larry Haines plays the IRS man, he later appeared in another episode in a different role. Maude wants to confront him but Walter is afraid of antagonizing him while he checks his taxes. The funniest scene is when Maude tries to recreate the incident she says happened in a car after a dance.
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Maude: Florida's Goodbye (1974)
Season 2, Episode 20
Esther Rolle's Final Episode
29 August 2019
Florida decides to quit after her husband gets a promotion at work.

A very good episode for the last show featuring Florida. It starts with Maude being suspicious of Florida having the change of life since she has been acting strange. There is a funny scene where Florida tells Maude that she's quitting and of course Maude thinks it's because of her. Maude starts interviewing new applicants for a maid. One of them is played by Jean Byron (she was the mother on "The Patty Duke Show"), she is rejected by Maude for her shifty eyes. Then Florida tries to interview the second one Rita (Conchetta Farrell, later on "Two And Half Men"). Florida at first thinks Maude will not hire her because she is white, never had a bad childhood or any other problems. Then she finds out she is Puerto Rican and Maude hires her on the spot! Farrell does a funny exaggerated accent. However, this turns out to be the last we see of her character.
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Maude: The Commuter Station (1974)
Season 2, Episode 19
26 August 2019
Arthur and Vivian plan to get married in Vermont but are stuck in a blizzard in a train station with Maude, Walter, Carol, Chris and a few strangers.

A very funny episode as the wedding keeps getting interrupted since Arthur keeps throwing up. It all takes place in a Vermont train station as every keeps arguing. Maude thinks Arthur has a psychosomatic problem with getting married again. There are some good guest actors including John Hillerman (later on "Magnum PI") as a drunk and Will Mackenzie (he was married to Carol on "The Bob Newhart Show") as a minister with a broken arm.
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Maude: Maude's Revolt (1974)
Season 2, Episode 18
Maude's Surprise Birthday Party
22 August 2019
At her party, Maude complains that Walter spends all his time talking with the men and not with her.

A lot of laughs in this one. It starts as a group of friends trying to be quiet while waiting to surprise Maude. Walter gets together with the men and Maude feels abandoned, there are some topical jokes about Euell Gibbons and the Energy Crisis. Funniest scene is when Maude leaves the party and stays upstairs, the guests try to get her to come down by dancing and laughing loudly. One of the guests has a funny high pitched laugh, Maude shoves her scarf in his mouth.
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Maude: The Wallet (1974)
Season 2, Episode 17
Maude Is Suspicious
19 August 2019
Maude finds the wallet of a man Walter says is a cheating husband.

A funny episode. It starts with Florida talking about how fashion models are so skinny. Maude tells Walter she is going to call the wife of the man who owns the wallet, who is also named Walter. Walter checks the wallet first and finds a bill for a Manhattan apartment in the name of Walter Smith, he hides it in his own wallet so Maude doesn't see it. In a classic comedic ruse, she looks in Walter's wallet and thinks he is the one cheating. This leads to a very funny scene as Maude confronts the woman in the apartment. She is played by Arlene Golonka (she was previously on "Mayberry RFD"). Bea Arthur is hilarious in this scene as she plays it in over the top Joan Crawford style.
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Maude: Maude's Guest (1974)
Season 2, Episode 16
Maude's Liberal Views Are Tested
18 August 2019
Maude has guest for the week, a young black girl from the ghetto.

A very funny episode, one of the best of Season 2. Maude as usual, tries too hard to please a black person. The girl, Francie (played by Tamu, a good comedic actress who appeared in many TV shows of the time) is very sassy and angry. She only agrees to stay after Maude bribes her with 20 dollars. She has very funny scenes with Maude and Florida. Maude tries her best to be nice but finally loses her temper.
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Maude: The Love Birds (1974)
Season 2, Episode 15
Arthur And Vivian's First Fight
18 August 2019
Arthur and Vivian argue over Arthur's constantly talking about his late wife Agnes.

A good episode, some funny moments. It begins with Maude complaining about aerosol cans after she sprays her hair with Lemon Pledge. Arthur and Vivian are coming over for dinner and Maude is dreading their lovey-dovey moments. However they come to the door yelling and arguing with each other. They try to make up but Arthur keeps comparing Vivian to Agnes. This starts an argument between Maude and Walter as he complains about living in her last husband's house.
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Maude: The Office Party (1973)
Season 2, Episode 14
The First Christmas Episode
15 August 2019
Walter invites all of his employees over to celebrate Christmas Eve but they tell him they are going to join a union.

The first of several Yuletide episodes and this is a good one. It begins with the group happily singing carols. Maude has funny encounters with her mailman (Jack Grimes) who comes around looking for a gift. Florida has a funny joke about the 3 wisemen. When Walter finds out about the union he is angry but Maude thinks it's great. Walter is ready to fire everybody but soon realizes that he has to accept it.
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Maude: Music Hath Charms (1973)
Season 2, Episode 13
Tone Deaf Walter
11 August 2019
Maude buys an organ for Walter on their anniversary, but he is driving everyone crazy with his horrible playing.

A funny episode, some good laughs. It seems the only song Walter has learned is an off key "Old Black Joe". Florida has some funny wisecracks about that. Maude and Walter go to dinner, not enjoying themselves because Maude has a constant headache and Walter keeps humming. The funniest scene is when they have a big argument and cause a scene in the restaurant.
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Maude: Carol's Problem (1973)
Season 2, Episode 12
Maude's Surprise For Carol And Chris
10 August 2019
Maude tells engaged couple Carol and Chris that she put a down payment on a house for them.

An amusing episode, no big laughs. It begins with some funny bits about Walter's snoring and Phillip wants to know why he has to go to church but Maude and Walter do not. She says because they are hypocrites. Maude tells Carol and Chris the house she picked out is right across the street. They tell her they want to live their own lives. Maude attempts a to put a guilt trip on Carol.
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SCTV: The Cisco Kid (1981)
Season 3, Episode 25
The Weirdest SCTV Episode Ever
9 August 2019
An actual episode of the 1950s western show "The Cisco Kid" is shown with dubbed voices.

While this is one of the lesser episodes, it does have some funny moments. The plot seems to be some bank robbers using some kind of knock out gas on the bank employees and customers. The only SCTV voice is Martin Short, though he did not become a cast member until the NBC years. Steven Kampmann (he would later be Kirk on the "Newhart" show) does other voices and some writing. Short has some funny moments as excitable sidekick Pancho. Kampmann does a Mickey Mouse type voice for a character who looks like Alan Ladd (a running joke in the show).
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SCTV: Dick Cavett (1981)
Season 3, Episode 24
Bobby Bittman talks to Dick Cavett
9 August 2019
Some OK skits and a hilarious Dick Cavett Show.

Cooking with Marcello has him trying to make chicken cacciatore with a live chicken. He finds it hard to kill the chicken.

Great White North has Bob and Doug outside the studio for a change as they talk about running from the cops.

A funny quick promo about a new series with Abe Vigoda and Erik Estrada called Fish N CHiPs. Then a commercial with Rick Moranis about Logos Galore.

Count Floyd promises a scary movie but it turns out to be an episode of The Dick Cavett Show. Bobby Bittman is the guest for the show's funniest moments. The dry, intellectual Cavett interviews dim, wacky Bittman who is plugging a new book called The Complete Film Maker and a new movie he directed called Funny Stuff. This is a parody of Jerry Lewis who wrote a book called The Total Film Maker. Bobby's movie is about a clown which is also a Jerry Lewis parody of a film he directed but never released called "The Day The Clown Cried". He shows some outtakes where he tries to get a performance out of an actress (Andrea Martin), he acts very obnoxious to the crew. Bobby walks off the show after some insults from Cavett. Count Floyd returns, says he knows it wasn't scary and sends him to his coffin, howling as the credits roll.
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Maude: The Will (1973)
Season 2, Episode 11
Walter's Will
8 August 2019
Maude finds out something about Walter's will.

A pretty good episode. It starts with Maude and Walter running around getting ready for a formal dinner as Couple Of The Year. Maude's widowed friend is upset that her late husband left his will to a trustee. Maude finds out Walter did the same thing. One of the funniest scenes is when Walter is saying that Maude wants to wear the pants in the marriage, so he drops his. He doesn't realize that his dinner guests have arrived at that moment.
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SCTV: Two Way TV/Pit Bulls (1981)
Season 3, Episode 17
Earl Covers A Dog Fight
8 August 2019
Several short skits in this episode, not one of the best, but still some amusing moments.

Sunrise Semester has Angus Crock giving horoscope advice, he spins a wheel with astrological signs but can't figure which sign is which.

A quick Count Floyd scene has him promoting next week's scary movie "Georgy Girl!"

In the Great White North, Bob says he wants to discuss the best groups but only talks about how he hates disco and Doug does imitations of 2 dogs fighting, a boat and sea gulls.

SCTV news has Earl going undercover in Arkansas covering a dog fight, when the crazy locals find out he is a reporter they attack him, Floyd tries to get in touch but loses the signal.

David Brinkley complains about a bad haircut and Tex and Edna Boil talk about their Organ Emporium and free budgies.

Rick Moranis as Mr Kessler demonstrates Two Way TV which you can communicate with doctors and banks and decide which show you want to watch. The public votes for "Leave It To Beaver" but Kessler keeps pushing "The Happy Hooker Goes To Hollywood"

Bill Needle gets only a 15 second spot and Robin Duke plays an elderly host of a crafts show.

Sermonette is Rabbi Karlov talking about cooperation and putting on a musical show as the credits roll.
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SCTV: 1984: Big Brother (1981)
Season 3, Episode 16
SCTV Does George Orwell
7 August 2019
Several funny quick skits and a good "1984" parody.

Sid Dithers has one of his funniest moments as he yells at the director and can't can on with his minute long segment on stress.

Great White North has Doug saying he is a mystery guest with ear muffs on his eyes. Bob tries to have Doug play guess the beer, with an empty breakaway bottle.

Bob Hope is "Taxi Driver" next, saying "Are you talkin' to me? I never let Darryl Zanuck talk to me like that!"

Guy tries to give a message on the new year 1981, but is so drunk he passes out. Mrs Prickley tries a message also but she is drunk too and the scene fades out.

We are transported to the future of New Year's Eve 1983, as Bittman talks to Guy, Edith, Rabbi Karlov, Marcello and Bill Needle about the coming year of 1984. At the stroke of midnight we are transported to George Orwell's time of Big Brother.

A picture of Orson Welles is shown representing Big Brother watching you. Dave Thomas plays Comrade Kangaroo, a children's host who teaches you to rely on Big Brother for everything. Tony Rosato plays Comrade Allen, an exercise show host. Doublethink is a game show where the answers are only right if Big Brother says they are, Dave gets the answer wrong and is sent to the rat cage. Then we get The Praise Big Brother Show, in which RIck Moranis and Robin Duke play versions of Jim and Tammy Baker heaping religious praise for Big Brother. Charlton Heston shows up and tries to speak his mind but the set blows up.

Guy awakens from his dream and nearly passes out again, but stops it because he says the show didn't work the first time. He gives new year greetings as the credits roll.
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Maude: Maude's Musical (1973)
Season 2, Episode 10
Maude's Burlesque Show
5 August 2019
Maude is putting on a show to raise money for the library fund, Arthur objects to it being a burlesque show.

The first of several "put on a show" episodes and one of the best. Many sitcoms tried this but Maude was the best at it, mostly because Beatrice Arthur was a seasoned Broadway musical comedy performer. She gets to do a raucous version of "Hard Hearted Hannah" in this one. Arthur has some funny scenes objected to what he thinks is pornography. Maude and Florida do a funny rendition of "Me And My Shadow" though liberal Maude insists that she play the shadow. Arthur finally agrees to the show going on as long he can do war and patriotic songs. There is a hilarious finale with Maude as a tap dancing Statue Of Liberty. The last scene has Arthur doing his war song while Carol does a wild sexy dance behind him, he thinks he is a hit.
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SCTV: The Irwin Allen Show (1980)
Season 3, Episode 15
SCTV Disaster Talk Show
1 August 2019
A pretty good show, not one of the best. Sketches are mostly mildly amusing until the hilarious final one.

Eugene Levy plays sleazy Raoul Wilson, host of a talk show "Men On Women". Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas play a couple of guys with beer guts who talk about women in bikinis.

Guy has a special message about how he will not cancel controversial shows that the previous one. His angry wife Googie calls in and yells at him.

Great White North has Doug trying to demonstrate how to roll your own with ski mitts on.

Marcello has a cooking show and his guest is movie stunt woman played by Robin Duke. They demonstrate break away bottles and balsam wood chairs.

A funny "Taxi Driver" is up next with Woody Allen. The nervous neurotic has trouble handling the gun in the scene.

Guy introduces "The Irwin Allen Show" and gets a call from Moe Green's captors though Guy is not interested in paying the ransom.

"The Irwin Allen Show" is a talk show hosted by the disaster movie producer played by Rick. His guests are stars of many disaster movies. Robin is very funny as Shelley Winters who emerges behind the curtain screaming. Dave plays Red Buttons, acting like he does on the Dean Martin roasts and getting attacked by bees. Then Flaherty comes out as Charlton Heston and Irwin then destroys the whole set, Heston yelling "Damn you! Damn you!". The credits roll while the set is on fire.
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Maude: Vivian's Problem (1973)
Season 2, Episode 9
Arthur Tries To Help Vivian
31 July 2019
Maude keeps setting up Vivian on blind dates, but Vivian says all the men want one thing.

A funny episode for Arthur and Vivian. It begins with a Scrabble game that Walter is winning but Maude is not interested in it. Vivian comes home from a date and complains of the obnoxious guy and says she is no longer interested in Maude's choices. Vivian says she is looking to date a 70 year old retired Navy man. Maude says "You will be dating a man who may have shot Lincoln!". She asks Arthur to speak to Vivian when Vivian no longer wants to talk to Maude. Arthur and Vivian go to his house where he is preparing dinner and he tries to kiss her. She comes back to Maude who is now angry with Arthur. Finally Arthur apologizes and Vivian forgives him. This is the start of the romance between them which will really get the cast chemistry really flowing.
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