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All We Are Saying (2005 TV Movie)
a peak inside the humanity of being a rock star
9 March 2006
rosanna arquette has done a brilliant job of taking us inside the very human world of life as a rock star. we finally get to see our musical icons as they see themselves: artists who just happen to be famous and must deal with the business of being an artist. her subtle device is her hand-held camcorder that is both the source of some footage and an insulator between herself and the interviewee--removing most of the congeniality that surely exists while allowing her subjects to speak frankly without pretense. i think what struck me the most is the intelligence, sincerity, and genuineness these people resonate as they talk about how they reside within the music business. these are all such interesting people and i couldn't help but wish documentaries like this accompanied every artist's CD.

rock on, rosanna!
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