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Dog by Dog (2015)
eye opener, even for those of us familiar with factory farming of dogs
30 August 2015
I grew up and live not far from Lancaster and have been aware of issues with puppy mills for quite some time. That said, even though I was aware of the plight of dogs in these puppy farms, I was surprised at how many puppy farms there are across this country having assumed they were predominantly in PA/Ohio. Even more disconcerting is the money trail and blatant disregard to the minimal laws we have to protect animals used for breeding purposes.

While this documentary does contain some images of the conditions in which the dogs live, it is actually a fact driven film that presents clear information on how this negligence & abuse continues to occur in this day & age. It is a must see for anyone who is an animal lover, has a dog or is considering getting one, AKC/dog show supporter, reputable breeder and even folks who aren't into pets but would like to know how industries get around laws.
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