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Absolutely breathtaking and fantastic
30 November 2010
I saw this at the cinema three times and I am counting the hours until I get the DVD.

If you are a fan of Les Miserables, this is not to be missed.

I believe it is even better than the 10th Anniversary Concert. More of the actual musical is included, such as The Robbery. Lovely Ladies is in a more complete form. A lot of the little verses between songs is included, for example, Garvoche's introduction of the Thenardiers and the conversations between Maruis and Eponine. It isn't complete, however, some verses have been cut, most noticeably, Dog eat Dog, which in my opinion is no great loss as it is my least favorite song anyway.

The performances are all fantastic, although, Marius is a little weak. The little urchin who plays Garvoche is very impressive. The look of contempt on his face when he exposes Javert is priceless. Matt Lucus brings humor as Thenardier. Jenny Galloway reprises her role from the 10th Anniversary Concert and I think gives a better performance in this version. It is hard to limit discussion, as everyone was brilliant right from Jean Valjean to Jarvert to Cossette (Collette?).

I cannot recommend this enough.
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Mansfield Park (1983– )
Mansfield Park as it should be.
26 November 2009
I LOVE this version of Mansfield Park. I understand that it isn't to everyone's taste due to the low budget and the length but I throughly enjoy watching it (and I have seen it a number of times). I am a huge fan of period dramas and this is one of my favourites. It is the third version of Mansfield Park that I saw (although the first made) and after seeing this version, I cannot stand how inaccurate the other two versions are.

Anna Massey is absolutely fantastic as the controlling, miserly, class conscious Aunt Norris.

I also liked Jackie Smith Wood's performance as Mary Crawford, the polar opposite personality to Fanny Price, the heroine.

I thought that Bernard Hepton's Sir Thomas Bertram was much more likable than the more recent versions in which he was played overly harsh.

All in all, if you are a fan of period dramas and don't mind long adaptations, this one is definitely worth watching.
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