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I wish this documentary was a lie
11 September 2014
Most of the negative reviews I've seen about this documentary were about the inventions of Africans and African Americans being lie. In which.... Africans/African Americans didn't have a right to even be alive! Let alone claim something they created. So that part made sense to me. But we weren't there to know who's lying or telling the truth (side eye). What I do see is that Blacks today will create something and people of other cultures copy it, or try to steal it as their own. And since nothing under the sun is new... You get my point. But not once have I seen comments and reviews about the way Africans were treated being a lie! Not one! Tortured, disfigured, raped, beat, hung, enslaved, stabbed, cut, chocked, shot, spit on, urinated on, limbs removed, beheaded, abused, caged, chained, kidnapped and whipped. Was that a lie? And they got the audacity to be afraid of African American/Black people? People keep calling this a "movie" and clearly this is a documentary! I've read some of Tariq Nasheed's books and yes he does have a book about pimping, he also has books to enlighten you to be a better person no matter what race you are! But people don't see that! So I guess that automatically deems him as a joke? When the real JOKE is how I've been lied to in my History book. Blacks, Africans, African Americans have never been considered equals. If you disagree with the "history", why are there pictures to prove everything that was said in the documentary? Go and Google the torture people went through. So now Google is a joke too huh? People back then weren't ashamed or in denial about that they did to Africans/African Americans/Blacks. So why are we? I WISH this was a dream and this never happened to people but it did. It still does. Why?
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