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Teen Titans Go! (2013– )
The only right way to depict superheroes
7 July 2017
This show is well written and the voice acting is excellent. Clever, funny, and surprisingly insightful. This is not something that can be said for anything else superhero-related.

The ridiculously low rating of Teen Titans Go! is solely due to the butthurt of superhero fanboys who cannot stand seeing the genre being mocked. They demand it be treated as sacred despite the simplistic childishness of stories about all-powerful so-called heroes who fly about in revealingly skintight outfits and beat up the bad men who frighten superhero fanboys.

Teen Titans Go! doesn't make fun of just superheroes. It also skewers other childishness, such as many of the hopeless delusions foisted on people. One of the best: Robin's attempt to defeat Kid Flash in a foot race simply by "believing in himself", only to be totally crushed in the most humiliating way. Because self-belief can't compensate for a lack of ability or genetic shortcomings. How many other kids' shows would dare to be that realistic? Or tell kids that cheaters can win?

Give Teen Titans Go! a chance. You won't be sorry, unless of course you're the kind of person who doesn't giggle at the thought of superheroes.
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