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Singularity (I) (2017)
Probably one of the worst movies ever made
19 November 2017
When I decided to watch this, it had a 7.2 rating. By then I didn't consider that the reason for this score were fake ratings. Why should I? There's John Cusack, and an interesting description. I just went for it. When I started to watch this I couldn't believe it. Most people in this movie did a lousy job, especially the director, screenwriters, actors, special effects team, even make up artists. But the saddest thing about this "movie" was seeing a good actor who clearly doesn't want to be there. You almost can hear his thoughts while he's "acting": "What have I done?" "Why did I agree to this?". Finally, it's a very low move to save money that could be spent on the movie, just to buy fake IMDb ratings. Besides being illegal, maybe the quality would have been a bit better, like two stars instead of one. This is only suitable for one of those marathons with friends of the worst movies ever made, to laugh at it.
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Had to stop after half an hour...
1 April 2017
This is one of those movies that can get a high score because people are voting in the message, instead of the movie itself. Pro gun people vote low and anti gun vote high. That's the only way that (by the time I'm am writing this review) this movie can achieve a score of 7.1. I am completely against guns. But messages aside, this is a horrible movie, full of the worst clichés, bad acting and lousy humor. I rarely stop a movie until it's finished, but this was just impossible to take. It's like the bad kind of B movie, but with good image quality!
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