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History continues to be re-written,,,
8 December 2015
It is a pretty brutal film. It feels like some form of "revenge film" I wonder if that is now a Genre? Anyway, we have the usual shtick of "beat the nazi!" BUT with such gruesomeness and ,,, well, if you have seen it, you'll know! So, we have Jews vs Nazis. This time, the Jews win! BUT, again, and to hint back to my title - this is re-writing history! What did George Orwell say about that? From STUDYING history I learn that the National Socialists were fighting Russia in the East AND THE UK AND U.S.A in the west! How about that huh? Without getting into conspiracy theory, suffice to say that what happened to the jews by the Germans is NOT what modern cinema tells u! Spielberg's SHOAH Foundation Proves this! These types of films simply continue to tell the lie. So 10 year old children will go online and say, "I hate Nazis!" - They do not even know what they are speaking about. Their actual words do not refer to ANYTHING! It really feels as though these films simply detract from honest history and In my opinion telling FANTASY - such as this film - only works against Truth.

I'm not against Fiction! I love some of Tarantino's work. Yes! Pulp Fiction, LOVE IT! But, we must have balance.
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John Wick (2014)
All over a puppy
23 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The acting seemed a little bit "hammy". I'm not sure what "hammy" means or where it is derived. Anyway, a little bit hammy.

The scenes were pretty stylish and had a neveau feel to them. I give it good stars here because it was some deviation from Hollywood, and that it what people are trying to achieve these days. On that it was pretty good, but on the story line, for me, it went astray.

Too much violence and lacking subtlety. Right? If you've seen it, then you'll know he takes out 12 people in the first encounter.

I mean, come on. Yeah, we have all seen Rambo 3. Some of us liked that. For the humour value. But I think this film was going for realism; and on that card it kind of went askew into fantasy.

All this money pumped into a film for all this violence, over the death of a little puppy? I mean, I think we need to be questioning what we are entertaining in our minds here! 3 stars
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A worry
22 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The production is pretty awesome. I think a great amount of money has gone into this.

I have only watched the 1st episode and already there are propaganda issues. But, I guess that is what P.K. Dick was writing about, right? So, I guess my worry could be seen in such a light.

Anyway, again, we have the "evil bogeyman Nazis". I don't think this was the point of Dick's book. The Production is backed by Spotnitz who is Jewish, and to my mind - there cannot be a neutral front here. So hence the worry.

How long is Hollywood going to be beating up this lie? America, without getting into it, wouldn't have entered ANY war if it was not for the balfour agreement. It was this that forced the hand.

BUT will such a discussion be seen in this production of Dick's book? No. In this first episode we have what the viewer could think was "snow" - flecks floating around. Then one character says, "what is this?" "ohh, that's just the cripples being burnt up." - This is pointing to the holocaust. Again, I do not want to get into conspiracy or suchlike; BUT we as the VIEWERS should KNOW that what we are seeing IS NOT HISTORY.

But, that perhaps was Dick's idea, so perhaps it is all good. We should always know that TV has money behind it, and wants to, as Alan Watt says, ENGINEER CONSENT. TV in this way is Predictive Programming.

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The Shield (2002–2008)
Don't Mess with Vic !!
30 September 2015
Awesome show. I really loved this.

The turn of the camera, the live "feel", and the acting and writing - top notch all the way.

It was a street war. The Cowboys vs The Indians. The Police vs The Bad guys. Good vs Evil.

Right? Wrong! The writing is terrific, and you'll have to decide where the good, the bad, and the ugly is. In a way, it mirrors (or creates?) "real" life ! Most TV shows are bland, because they will serve up the sludge of lowest common denominator. NOT THE SHIELD!

~The characters are great, just superb. The way the camera action brings to life the docu-drama feel really seems to give The Shield a tough and mean edge. The viewer is right there with the acting, and raw acting!, all the way. So, top draw, well done to the creator! And all involved.
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Lucy (I) (2014)
Pretty good
8 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I found the idea pretty good, but I didn't find it as good as some people have made out.

I felt the film tried to keep to a balanced narrative with the "10%,,,,60%,,,," etc., but the film was a little odd on the narrative front. The whole Chinese "going to kill her theme" was lame, and useless. I'm sure there is some sort of propaganda behind it, but i'm not going into that here.

Anyway, the idea that Lucy needed drugs to get awareness is a take on our consciousness. We can take drugs today, and feel 100%! The film is saying that there requires an external source for this to happen. Well,,, ask a Yogi in the east what he thinks of that! I'm sure it is true that "in the West" we use 5% of our brains, because we are drinking booze, and watching too much TV,,, etc., Lucy turns into a Black external hard drive! HUH? Really?! The idea "I AM everywhere" - I liked that idea, and I also thought the time-skipping theme/scenes were really wonderful and striking. Very reminiscent of The Time Machine.

So, pretty good movie over-all !
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Bad Country (2014)
Pretty awful and thick on the propaganda !!
7 September 2014
I give it 3 stars, because the acting was decent indeed!

But, to be fair, the movie is utter mince. I never even watched it to the end, in fact I turned it off at about 50mins mark or so: It was over!

Anyway, some brief reasons:

  • Lame dialogue, really B.S : Standard, and superficial. Actually, what I would say is that, it felt as though the acting and the dialogue did not mirror each other. Does that make sense? I haven't really experienced that before, in such a strong way, but the acting was pretty decent, at moments, but the dialogue was poor !

  • Story line. COME ON ! I did not like it. Beating on the Nazi and the Southern Gentleman once again eh! Typical for Jesuit Zionist controlled Hollywood ! To the producers - "TAKE A RUN AND JUMP!"

I'm not making this political, please don't read that, i'm just pointing out these stereotypes: how many times in these "gangster" films is there the tattooed tough guy Nazi? - And then the actual writing makes him team up with the Law and not only that, the black chief, who he somehow knew his name, and that's so touching! Rubbish. Propaganda. I do not like story lines that are overtly spreading an ideological line.

Fair enough, we cannot escape this at times. BUT, I have had enough of this sort of tripe!

  • Direction: there was the scene where we find the exchange of the guns and the money; and oh yes, such sparkling dialogue! WOW. They really thought this one through eh? I guess Southerners are just maybe a little retarded? Contrast this with the movie HEAT. Yes. No comparison.

Anyway, the direction was extremely amateur, and it felt more like a production made for TV, as opposed to Film. This scene for me, stands out like a sore thumb. Very jarring. It was at this point that the film had really set out its stall. Sorry, no sale!

Willam Defoe and Matt Dillon and Tom, were all pretty good actors ! BUT and sorry for bashing at this point, the dialogue and particularly the plot and story, did not match up with the acting.
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