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The Tracker (2019)
Terrible, slow Film!
6 July 2019
I'm a Dolph Lundgren fan but this was terrible! One of the worst editing jobs I've seen. It's like a bunch of randomly filmed scenes all put together, no flow of any kind of story. Very slow and the action sucked. They used stand ins for Dolph on almost any scene that was shot from the back, acting was bad and nothing made sense. Just avoid at all costs and hopefully next time we get a decent action flick from Lundgren.
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Avengement (I) (2019)
Scott Adkins re-teams with director Jesse V. Johnson for Fast, Crazy Action Packed Good Time!
25 May 2019
I look forward to every Scott Adkins movie, I grew up watching anything that had Van Damme's name attached to it. Adkins is today's Van Damme! His movies are pure entertainment and everything I love about action films. Avengement is another win for him. It wastes no time getting down to the action and the story had me totally hooked in his transformation from regular guy to a man with nothing to lose out for revenge. The fighting choreography in the film is not the same style as in undisputed, triple threat etc. it's quick, brutal and a damn good time.
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Hanna (2019– )
Great Intense Show!
30 March 2019
I'm on episode 5 and can't stop watching. Great action, story, acting etc. Looking forward to the rest of the series and how it's going to play out. Definitely recommend
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Triple Threat (2019)
Awesome 80's/90's style Martial Arts Flick!
20 March 2019
Just returned from the one night only screening st my local AMC theatre and was not disappointed! The film reminded me of all the flicks I used to see in the theatre with my dad back in the 80s/90s before they all became Marvel/fast and furious type of movies. The action was top notch and while the story is what you would expect from this kind of movie, sort of just a set up so all the stars can kick the hell out of each other and man do they ever! The director Jesse Johnson did a great job in letting everyone get there screen time and able to show there signature moves (Jaa's elbow/knee strikes, Adkins flip/spin kicks) the action was quite impressive, better than most big Hollywood films. Fans of martial arts/action films will not be disappointed as well as fans of the individual stars. All get pretty equal screen time. The finale as well as a great sequence in a police station are the highlights! Support this movie and rent on demand, buy blu Ray etc. Great job to all involved!
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Decent "B" MMA/Fight drama
19 May 2012
I recently rented this off ITunes. I wasn't expecting much but to be entertained for 90 minutes and that's exactly what I got. The star Wes chatham as a recently paroled ex- NCAA wrestler played a believable role as someone forced to fight in the cage in order to save his longtime friend played by Devon sawa (almost unregognizable with his new veneer teeth) the fights are pretty well choreographed and are pretty realistic. To sum things up I would recommend this to fight fans or anyone looking to be entertained for 90 minutes. This is the fourth film I've seen in the after dark action films with the exception of stash house.
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Dragon Eyes (2012)
Decent Martial Arts/Crime drama from Director John Hyams
12 May 2012
I have been waiting quite some time for this film to be released and I must say I was not disappointed! The film delivered on the realistic and brutal fight scenes. The plot could have used some work and jean claude could of had a bigger role but all in all I got exactly what I came for-a 90 minute mindless action picture with some pretty sweet action.

I'm looking forward to John Hyams (Son of director Peter Hyams) and star cung le's next films. also I want to add that I really liked Mr. Hyams style of shooting the fight scenes. Could have used a little less slow-mo but the brutal, realistic, street fight style was pretty good and Peter Weller's turn as "Mr. V was a notable villain.
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Van Damme returns to the big screen.....
29 July 2011
And a disappointment it is. The movie was slow and had a very dull plot.

The action was brutal but there wasn't enough of it. There were hardly any fights maybe two with van damme and three with adkins. All in all I am a huge Van damme fan and have been since I was a kid, the movie was a let down. I was definitely expecting more from his return to theatres. I don't understand why van damme continues to give us (fans) these movies that have little to no fighting? I mean thats his trademark, he needs to go back to his roots and make a kick ass action movie thats heavy on the fight scenes!!

Maybe next time........
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Waste of time!
2 March 2011
I had the chance to see this movie and all I can say is that it was 90 minutes of my life that I wont get back.I had been looking forward to this, being that it was the English language debut of the guy(whose name is to long to spell out) who brought us ong bak & the protector. Dijamon Honsou was miscast, Kevin bacon did it for the paycheck and the movie as a whole just really didn't make sense and was boring. Bad direction, Weak plot, bad acting (Kevin Bacon's accent=horrible)The action scenes tried hard to look cool and stylish but just fail. To sum things up, I can see why this movie is headed straight to DVD & Blu-ray!
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The Shepherd (2008 Video)
I expected more but a decent effort from van damme
24 February 2008
Jean claude van damme, scott adkins and director issac florentine-this had the chance to be better then undisputed 2 but for some reason they just don't get it right. Van damme's fight scenes are nothing more than a couple of front kicks and roundhouses, nothing spectacular-just average. The movie is low budget and the supporting actors aside from scott adkins all need acting classes but I could have looked way beyond that because all I wanted to see was jean-claude doing what he used to do best and MAN! was I let down. Maybe van damme should go to a couple of pilates classes to try and regain some flexability. I think he still has the makings to have a comeback, He just needs to find the right project.
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