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Ghost Wars (2017–2018)
The One You've Been Waiting For
12 October 2017
Once I have seen the first episode I have been mesmerized by the Story, Characters and Cinematography. This series seems to be the change that you wanted to see and waited for, A Series That is Actually Great.

You can feel that the show is gradually unfolding, so be patient. You can sense it, The Love, Hate, Patience, Sacrifice, Suffering, and much more, all these feelings projected out of each character.

This series manifests the complexity of each character in a masterpiece. A suggestion though, watch without expectation of what you want to see, just go with the flow, it's not about the story, it's about that sense you get out of each Character and it's Amazing.
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A Masterpiece !
1 February 2017
To put it simply, the movie is fascinating, exciting and fantastic. The dialog, the fight choreography, the way the story moves, the characters charisma, all and much more are combined together to deliver this masterpiece. Such an amazing flow, providing a fusion between the 90s and the new century, it's like the assassins are living in another world, with another mindset, without people understanding it. Just one advice for you though: Don't build an expectation of what you want to watch in this movie, if you do, then you will ruin it. This movie has it's own flow and movement, so watch it with a clear mind, and have fun.
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