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19-2 (2014– )
It's really only so-so
29 August 2014
Based on the French series of the same name (to say really based, storyline by storyline, not just loosely) is definitely a helper here, since the current writer had possibility of improvement upon. I can't say it didn't help it, but some auxiliary story lines seem just... dull. They are forced to show us scenes where it is nearly explicit that nothing serious has happened, however from their point of view it is shown as if it were some major arc in the plot (characters panicking for no reason and all). Also, an awful lot of stalling and beating around the bush with those "imaginary" characters that I think, one or two scenes could've been good, but not 5 or 10. Finally, I think there is too little room for logical progression in the show being given the fact that it happens in Montreal and touches only the English speaking community (which is minoritary in Montreal, like it or not). I think they should've made some characters speak French, or show a funny side situation where one cop speaks French and one doesn't, and the one who doesn't getting stuck with a French-speaking person, etc. etc. That was totally muted. So yeah, 7 out of 10 is my score. Patiently waiting for Season 2...
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