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The Keepers (II) (2017)
What the Catholic church does best....
6 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
....since centuries.

They lie, they murder, they rape, they destroy innocent lives. Catholic religion at its worst...I don't want to say "at their best", but I am thinking that, rest assured. In my opinion, there is no difference to any other cult.... And the government and police keep it a secret, so it seems.

This is a portrait of a murder - two actually, circumstances revealed after decades - two students try to find out what really happened to their fav teacher....Who is involved, is there any proof, any lead...

It's shocking, it goes to the heart, it disgusts. Very well made documentary. It makes you wanna cry out.

I pay my respects to the survivors - how can one keep on going after such an experience?

Shame on Baltimore for dealing so poorly with lives of their citizens!!! How can one stay in this country after such an ordeal!?
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The Leah Style
11 January 2017
I totally like her frank and authentic way of making her point. She is fresh, she swears, she takes no crap, she is fierce - I do like her now. When she was in Scientology, I never watched KoQ. But these days, I enjoy her very much.

I thought her series is very interesting, to understand why people get hooked on occult, how the system works, gain a genuine insight from witnesses who survived this madness of Scientology.

It's unbelievable!! I highly recommend to watch this series. I never had a neck for religion or the likes, I was raised heathen and naturally cannot relate to....this dependence, therefore I am thankful for the work, for the result, for the Aftermath!

Keep it coming, Leaha, I am officially a supporter, now.
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Rats (II) (2016)
Rats are populating cities
30 October 2016
Obviously the movie deals with rats, rats infestation, rats control, medical effects on the popultation by rats...Rats are everywhere to be found. In big cities like New York as portrait. But they also show, how people try to keep down rat population in India. On one hand, you have New Yorker pest control via toxins, highly self protected. On the other hand India where they beat those rats to death, even touch them with bear hands, having no protection to wear. In Vietnam they found traps to be useful to protect crops or drowning - each their finances possibilities. A variety of pest control throughout nations are presented.

You wonder what happens to rats corpses, especially in Asia. You wouldn't have guessed.

Rats transmit diseases, they carry parasites harmful to men. In this movie they do rats autopsies and show off body parts infested with parasites. Did you know, they even archive rats?

I didn't like the tone of the movie. Rats where shown as "horror clowns" when in fact human beings are to blame as THE reason of heavy rat reproduction. We are the culprit because we throw out trash on the streets, carelessly. Food is found everywhere, that's the invitation for rats to join.

If we had self-awareness of our actions, rats wouldn't populate this much. But of course, our conscience is clear.... Due to the movie horrifying rats and not human beings, I can only give 5 stars. Nevertheless, I learned a bit more about human-rats relationship. Okay-ish movie.
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Casino (1995)
Whats going on with the sounds
19 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
9 out 10 stars due to the bad sound effects. Seriously, I enjoyed the music and quality but while watching the movie, I had to rest my fingers on the volume button. Either the music was too loud or I couldn't catch up with the dialogues. Seriously, it could have been a real good mobster movie. But this one made it less entertaining, always having concern for my neighbours on my mind. Disturbing them bigtime. DUH! Recently, I heard, they had details of this movie from an insider, which made it even more appealing for me to watch.

In the end, it's down to Las Vegas, it's show, it's showing off, it's mobster, it's betrayal, it's cheating, it's about gambling.

Well made, entertaining though three hours of movie time. For the first time, I thought Stone can actually act.... Masterpiece!
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My Haunted House (2013– )
True or fake
11 September 2016
I don't care. I simply love this show. This kind of show. I consider this one well made and I always find myself nicely entertained. In the end, that is the main purpose.

To be honest, if I care to have a scare or be horrified I tend to turn to these genre of show. You bet your bottom dollar it will make you wanna wish to sleep with your lights on.

I prefer this genre of show to any stupid so called horror flick. I cannot say there are a lot of well produced horror films out there. Worth my time. Therefore, I am glad there is a substitute for.

Here is hoping for more episodes to come.
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The Sighting (2016)
Where is the scare
20 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Why are movies so bad these days? I don't get it. This is a z-movie. The most scariest thing in this flick is this boob job gone wrong. Boy, I have never seen such misplaced boobies!!! True shocker.

One can foresee the coming events...Lost shoes in the woods, there is screaming, there is running involved, a cabin in the wild, two idiots and guns...boring boring, not worth money nor time. I even haven't got enough words to describe how terrible this movie is to submit my review. There is really nothing worth mentioning about this flick. Nothing sticks out.

In my humble opinion, I recommend to sink yourself into a good series instead of this...."film"
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Usually like his work...
26 April 2016
...but he didn't get his fact straights concerning Germany....In general, Germany is way different as presented....Actually, Germany's working class is like America's. Poor conditions, low payments, 3 to 4 jobs at once for a whole bunch of people. These paradise-like life he draws on Germany is not donated just like that. You want to take a cure? You have to fight for with your public health fund. Indeed Germany has been invaded, to lean on on's title. Germany copies any weird idea by American standards without thinking. American way of life will destroy. For sure.

Yet, I like the movie. Worth watching. Moore knows for sure how to do entertaining movies, how to present different facts, and he has a good sense of humour.
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Food Unwrapped (2012– )
Informative and yet.... bizarre
10 January 2016
Actually, it's a very informative collection of how our food is processed...It makes you appreciate the goodies on your plate even more. Makes you think...how can the producers even live off the price paid by customers... Low prices.

I've learned a lot. I even browse for higher quality foods just because it's fair and they have a better taste...

I value very much the variety of food, presented in each episode. Even health claims were a focus.

Nevertheless, I really thought Kate was bizarre. Hence,the minus two stars. She always had the itch to stuff her face with....anything, and every thing really. Poisoned or good to go....Seriously, I thought this trait is pathological. And I ain't no shrink - but....I thought this... unappropriated and at times, annoying.

Still worth watching. I'd like to see subs in different languages.
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1971 (2014)
Fight the system peacefully
26 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I think this documentary should be school material in classes. Absolutely interesting how the government infiltrate his people for no good reasons. A group of decent and smart guys presented the FBI's misdoing to a nation in a sneaky way.

I love the idea and the outcome. True heroes! The government should be ashamed. The government clearly was and still is afraid of their own shadow...

Funny thing though, nothing has changed in 50 years. Nowadays even the economic system and foreign nations spy on people just to collect data and everybody thinks that's okay.

Well clearly it is not okay to spy on people and treat them like soon to be criminals. May it suit purpose.

History repeats itself - this well done documentary shows that. I recommend to watch it. This is living history. Here's hoping it will be translated into other languages!
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American Horror Story: Room 33 (2015)
Season 5, Episode 6
What a bummer
14 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously, what were these guys smoking while writing the script? I despise this season very much. This season is all about who *pieps* who. It's boring. Plain boring. Life or in this context, afterlife is not all about *piep*....

The only good thing about this AHS season is the liberal approach on same sex couple, caressing and "love". And I like the Gothic style, in general. The hotel architecture is just fabulous. But that's about it...

But in mainly, this makes no deeper sense. Not even at episode 6...A bummer. At first I thought Lady Gaga was a nice twist but nay, I am already fed up.

Outstanding performances, remarkable characters are Angela Bassett and Denis O'Hare. By far....

Vampire story....Well, what do they say: "Still a better love story than Twilight".

I used to look forward to every single episode....But nowadays, not so much. Better luck, next season?
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Under Suspicion (2002– )
Fine and mostly realistic
24 October 2015
As of lately, very very socio-critical. On top, always up to date and ....well produced. I wish, I could say it was enjoyable but the presented stories are more likely drama film. These destinies get to you. They are heart-melting, gross, society at it's worst and so close to reality. I love this series, even though it usually leaves me in a terrible mood.

I recommend this series. The actors are fabulous, camera and sound to the point, scripts genuine. They have the guts to be different.

They handle uneasy truths. This is life portrait without flourish and mostly it's hurtful. No happy endings? Go figure.
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Parodie: German telly at it's worst
11 October 2015
Mister Kalkofe knows how to pimp German telly. His parodies are the best. It never fails to make me laugh in tears.

He presents shorts clips either from telly or utube channels and in disguise retells his version. Which certainly will make you crack. Whether woman's attire or celeb's clothing, he makes the perfect doppelgänger and ....provides whacky contents. Funny enough, not as crazy as the original versions.

In my opinion, 15 minutes or 25 minutes clips are way too short. But his puns are so accurate, I cannot memorize them all even at 15 minutes clips. Impeccable! Love it!
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Back on Track (2013)
German cinema at it's best
27 September 2015
Seriously? Beckmann? Why him?

I actually liked this movie very much. It's far better than Honig im Kopf - but this Beckmann scene was terrible. Unbearable! Minus one star because of Beckmann. Otherwise I had given it 10/10.

Nevertheless, this movie is worth watching. It's about growing old, about generation gap, how to relate to other people in modern times, German medical care system for the elderly people…., it's about overextension and about past lifes of each individual... But I guess the main theme is "don't give up, keep on rolling." In this case, running.

The cast is very good, enjoyable watching. Renowned personalities of Germany's finest actors. Usually I hate Berlin, but I liked the short sequences of the city. Perfect fit. Perfect movie.
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Seriously? As if...
17 August 2015
...as if a dementia patient can give funny replies.... ...as if a dementia patient without a clue just do things - like making coffee, clipping the hedge.... ...as if a dementia patient really have remorse... ...as if a dementia patient understands (subtle) humour... as if...I could go on.

The film crew has no idea what it's like to care for a patient with dementia, to live with that person, to master everyday life. Alzheimer has been glorified lately. That's not right. I like the idea of awareness but not glorification.

The portrait family is naive and reckless. There is nothing funny about ignorant behaviour.

The only highlight of that movie is the pediatrician, explaining what Alzheimer is like, what the patient truly needs....

My resume, disappointing like most German movies. It's all about sex....just sex.
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Devil's Pass (2013)
The true story had potential
23 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I totally dig the real drama at the Dyatlov Pass. One book is a real page turner and I can't get my fill of the those pics included, but the movie went in the wrong direction, in my opinion. A shame. They could have speculated in a better way. I really dislike their "explanations". Too far fetched, cheesy and just one other F-movie.

The main character, blond, is an audible torture....Half way through the movie I wanted to give up. I'd better have cos the ending is yet an other disappointment. Why do Americans always pin mishaps on the government? Boring story.

Seriously, any American documentary is more interesting than this movie. I am thinking of the Discovery channel documentary.

The movie's title is misleading.
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Doctored (2012)
It's all about the money
16 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Very interesting and yet shocking. Actually a must see, in my humble opinion!! The documentation presents historic facts on so called "quakery", media critic and the real facts on chiropractic profession by means of patients, who could be helped, who gained hope again. Did you know, chiropractic professionals are the only MDs who touch their patients?!

The criminal influence of the American Medical Association (AMA) is disgusting. They don't care about patients, so it seems, they don't care about health. On the contrary, the industry does their best to create addicts, new addicts, even young children get hooked!!! Unbelievable!!

A shame other countries get infiltrated by this kind of industry.

Everybody should learn about how the medical industry works, because sooner or later everybody needs to see a doctor for some reason or another....

This movie is a start.
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Bizarre plots and yet you get hooked
9 December 2014
I'd never believed to become a steady viewer of this series. It's my grandma's fault. She started it. And here I am, even watching old seasons. It's bad. It's contagious. I cannot help myself. It's almost embarrassing! Isn't there a jab? ;)

Those stories are beyond reality, awkward lines, sometimes one gets the feeling the makers never have been in a hospital at all. Hilarious, absurd everyday problems at the clinic, but nevertheless, one has to be in awe of actors achievements.

The series takes place at a hospital called "Sachsenklink" in Leipzic. Maybe that's the reason audience loves this award winning series. It's certainly a given reason to me. The hospital staff is mostly the same throughout the years. There is tragic, drama, lies, death, love, marriages, adultery and scheming just like in any other series. There are guest stars....But it differs in comparison to any other hospital series. I guess it's German. Typically German? I cannot put my finger on it: it is charming, to say the least.

Here is hoping it never ends!
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Miss Violence (2013)
It hit me real bad
9 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is unusual in every bit. It's well done. Excellent. Such a terrible topic. I hate movies telling stories of abuse, !SPOILER coming!: especially with children....I am totally moved and creeped out to the core. In my opinion, the director, the writers, the actors and cameramen are geniuses!!! The play between actors and camera....pure horror at times. I felt hit hard by their glances. This IS a horror film - put aside slayer movies, they feel like a birthday party in comparison. This is a horror movie.

WOW! I never knew, Greece had such impressive cinema!! I am flabbergasted!!! I became a fan of Greece cinema, this instance. Though, I dearly hope, their topics aren't all that....intense. I will check that out.

I adored, that the makers could show how dreadful such a life can be by not having any distraction whatsoever. The title is so profound and its meaning develops within the movie....And it adds up to a history of inhuman behaviour.

The ending. I so wished for that kind of ending. I am not saying how it went: watch it. Force yourself to the end. It's not enjoyable, no way. It's a task. Your weekend or evening will be ruined, for sure. But I think it's an artsy movie. No expose to ridicule.

Holy cow, I haven't expected this story line. Even though I lead a complicated life, I feel very very blissful just now. There is no need for complains, I had it easy, considering that movie, considering these girls.... I like this movie making me reflect on bliss.

Chapeaux to the makers!
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Awesomeness in all seasons!
31 October 2014
Actually I didn't plan to write a review on American Horror Story, because it's a tough one to express how fan-fabulous-tastic this series is. I dreamt for such kind of series for about 10 years, and pow! Here we go. :)

I love every second, no matter what setting, which main topic leads the story or which hero is in focus. The cast is a blast, the pictures are eye candy, and I cannot tell you, how exciting every plot actually is. You have to see it, to believe it!!! If I could, I'd give 20 or even a 100 stars and many more. 10 stars don't do justice. Stunning, breath-taking, surprising - admirable. A league of it's own.

Also, it's the first series, I consciously remember where actors speak authentic German. Spanish and French is common and they always do it well. But well trained cast at AHS considering season 3. I am utterly impressed by language skills!!!

AHS is plain perfect!!! Loving it, dearly!!
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Enjoyable Vampyr movie
31 October 2014
LOL! I cannot believe, reading the comments. People seriously complain about wrong facts, wrong attires or props? They went to a movie called "Dracula Untold" and pointing out all mistakes?! That's hilarious!!! Most hilarious! :D When I watch Hollywood movies I don't expect the makers get the facts right. I seek to be entertained. And it should be noted, I was very much entertained, thank you. Of course, the story has been told quite a view times but I liked this version okay. Impressive pictures, the actors were well chosen in my opinion, cool attires and there was a load of schmaltz. But well done anyhoos. Totally watchable!! And a hundred times more likable than Twilight Saga, for sure. I call this a vampyr movie.

If you care for research based and historically correct stories, I'd say: stick to the BBC. I thought people got used to wrong terms and conditions in motion pictures? Take a look at known series like "Grimm". They try to tell their audience, in Vienna they speak French. LOL! And those German terms from their fairy tale diaries are mostly no real vocabulary. Germany is not Austria, they really mix up facts badly. Just an example. There are tons of other examples.
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Tatort: Mörderspiele (2004)
Season 1, Episode 565
No way, some past, Wilhelmine
24 September 2014
They are my favourite Tatort team. I enjoy the dialogues very much. Absolutely recommendable.

This episode, we gain an inside into prosecutors Wilhelmine Klemm's past. A side kick of the show, but rather peculiar. Wilhelmine, Wilhelmine, who would have guessed!? LOL. This is my favourite episode because there is one twist after an other in that story. Lurve it! Plus, I adore Ms Klemm or rather Ms Großmann. She rocks my socks, playing that character.

That script is about love, about love triangles, about yearning for love, about hurt feelings, about jealousy, about strong contacts and murder, of course. It never gets boring. There are quiet a few people involved and introduced into the plot. Nevertheless, it's not tough to follow.

I cannot await the re-run!
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Fetish : I don't get it
23 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I like Mechthild Großmann a lot. THAT voice, you have to hear it to believe it. Incredible! I love her voice. I wanna listen to her all day long. That's the reason, I forced myself on this particular movie. Usually it wouldn't be my cup of tea.

It's utterly weird, to say the least. It's stuffed with fetish (fashion). I guess it's meant artsy....I felt latent violence throughout the movie. But that's S and M for you.

The only thing I really enjoyed was the "lesbian" spirit between the main character and ...her "girlfriends"? I am not sure. That was very hot for some reason. I guess it's hot because I see what snooty characters these women play nowadays....Total contrast.

This movie is one of a kind. The setting is good old Germany. I was more interested in background houses than that story itself. But I am stupid. ;)
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Front of the Class (2008 TV Movie)
Telly at it's best
23 September 2014
I just adore this movie!!! It is very touching, encouraging, humorous and teaching. The cast was very wisely chosen. In my opinion, they transformed the script perfectly and filled the words with life. Since "Everybody Loves Raymond", I am a follower of Patrica Heaton's. Just her work, that's why I sought out this movie to watch. She played the mother one wishes for. I am glad I stubbled across this little gem on account of Ms Heaton.

At times, it was so sad... How mean and intolerant people can be! I had to shed a tear here and there, but nevertheless, those dialogues were catchy and returned easily back to hilarious.

If I had a kid, I would like it to watch this movie.

There is one thing I didn't get though....As far as I know, and I might be wrong, please bear with me, teachers are underpaid? Sometimes it's even dangerous to be a teacher....Shouldn't they be thankful for every person who wants to be a teacher and even seems fit, despite a handicap?
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Dolly Parton at Glastonbury 2014
18 September 2014
I TOTALLY dig Dolly Parton at the BBC special on Glastonbury Festival 2014!!! She was spot on, has fabulous music in store and she looks MARVELous!!! It is a major treat!!! In fact, her tour Blue Smoke was a treat. I saw her live in Berlin, Germany. She rocked the house bigtime. And I thank Ms Parton with all my heart for making that dream come true - seeing her performing live - at an affordable price.

Anyhoos, as usual, I loved the camera angles and coverage by the BBC. I enjoyed seeing Dolly and her crew, but I also had good laughs at the angles on the audience. They really dressed up for her, they knew the lyrics and made this Festival special. I wish I was there. It must have been a blast.

So yeah, if you have a low night, turn on that re-run of Glastonbury Festival and don't miss out on Dolly Parton. You might not lurve her music per se, nevertheless watch her perform anyways. It's real nice footage. A feel good moment for sure!
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Plastic Disasters (2006 TV Movie)
Vanity op
14 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my God, this documentary was really tough!! But I enjoyed watching it anyways, because it portraits cases gone wrong - horribly, I might add. It shows how the aftermath effects the rest of their lives...How commercials and telly shows brainwash one up to a point, when one decides to do plastic surgery, which is not really necessary. But that is vanity for you.

I also liked the part, where the documentary makers included an explanation how the system works, how everybody in business craves to make a quick buck...

The best part of this documentary, in my opinion, was the world war and surgery bit. I do love a bit of gory medicine....and the human body always keeps me wondering. You cannot imagine the kind of injuries in the face a human body can survive!!! I was flabbergasted by these photographs of the world war era.. Now, I want to read a book about medicine and war injuries. Good God, we all are miracles on two legs, this I understand now.

Treat your body with care not by a scalpel!
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