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Where have the real actors gone?!
30 September 2016
Please stop with Tom Sizemore. He was once great and now he is just plain bad. Having him in a movie will make me actively avoid the movie from now on. I was once a fan, but this is the last time I will be faked into watching another movie where he gives a horrible performance. And on top of that he's hardly in it. He has completely lost it. This should've been an easy job to give a good performance, but he's embarrassing. Stop casting him. I'm done. And "Beyond" Sizemore, the entire cast is horrible except for Stephen Lang. I mean where did they find these actors. They all have frosted blonde hair and look ridiculous. I didn't believe for a minute they were from the time period. They acted like Hollywood actors -- soft, sensitive, metro sexual. Men that fought this war were men. They had some cajones. These guys were limp. And now to the movie. It was bad. Not one single exciting moment. And the West meets East thing felt like it was pandering and stupid. I could go on and on and on, but I will just say this -- go watch "Saving Private Ryan" or "Where Eagles Dare" or "Band Of Brothers." Stay away from this sophomoric slop!
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Sniper: Ghost Shooter (2016 Video)
I loved it!!!!
2 August 2016
I'm not usually a fan of these movies, but this one was very engaging with some great action and some compelling performances. The locations where awesome and I'm now inspired to go and watch the complete series. Chad Michael Collins and Billy Zane really stood out and made the drama worth watching as well as the action. The action was great and I felt like I was watching real snipers. Great job to everyone involved. If I'm being critical I would say the blind intelligence officer leading Beckett to a meeting with the adversary stretched credibility a lot. It's as if the studio executive and writer thought they were being ground breaking but it came off a bit more silly than anything. Thankfully this section doesn't last long. Anyway, very impressed and super glad I found this little movie in a summer full of big budget stupidness.
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