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Breaking Bad: Fly (2010)
Season 3, Episode 10
12 November 2018
Nah, sorry guys, I don't buy into all the metaphorical, symbolic, metaphysical, spiritual justification for this episode that is put up as an excuse for what is a terrible piece of work. It's everything that Writing 101 teaches us not to do. Show don't tell remember? This is pure indulgence on the part of the writers or creators and a huge error of judgement. We don't need a sledgehammer explanation, a revisiting of scenes that we worked out for ourselves, thank you very much, and the symbolic fly . . . well quite frankly it was all very tediously silly. Out of character, out of tone. And teh attempt at the end to bring it back . . . sad. Thankfully it gets back on track soon enough.
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The Door (I) (2012)
Even Helen Mirren Couldn't Save This
17 November 2017
Helen Mirren's star role can't save this load of rubbish. Implausible situations, constant out-of-character behaviour, implausible behaviour generally, wooden acting, stilted script, silly accents, bad dubbing, ridiculous story-line. Even a sterling effort by the dog doesn't hold it up. Whether it's the fault of the original novel, the translation or the script, or the direction, the result is the same - torturous time-filling- in. Don't even bother to ff. Next!
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Caffeine (2006)
9 January 2017
Cliché-ridden, wooden stereotypical characters, totally unbelievable situations, disjointed, emotionally shallow, patronising, platitudinous, visually constipated, trivilisation of serious issues . . . the only good thing going for this movie was the location - quite a nice cafe it seemed though near-empty most of the time and soooooo quiet . . . except when someone was screaming out obscenities . . . oh, and as usual the actors, in this case doing their best with such an appalling script. Did anyone involved in making/writing this gumph ever try doing some time in a cafe for example. What was it then . . . a try-out for a series . . . comical, outlandish vignettes of cafe society? Or just a limp attempt by a writer to describe their pathetic existence drinking coffees while they sat attempting to coax their imagination into second gear? I was reminded of Benny Hill, but a benny Hill taking himself seriously and so cooooool . . . . Abysmal.
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Descent (2007)
A film that should never have been made, and certainly should not be watched.
12 August 2016
Do not watch this movie. It should never have been made and is a disgrace to all those involved in its inception. It has a basic theme that is not original and that theme is then realized in a way that is gratuitous, unnecessary and ultimately pornographic, and as another reviewer has pointed out with the most damning of analysis in context, a cinematic failure. Where such a theme would once have been handled through suggestion, inference, suspense and dramatic devices, this film simply throws it in your face without an iota of finesse or even credibility. My only positive comment would be for the commitment of the actors who went through what must have been excruciating direction, and for those technical support staff who had to be involved because their livelihoods depended on it. The promotion for this abomination says that a victim can sink lower than the predator: do not allow yourself to sink even lower by engaging with it.
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Perhaps if I could have understood more of the dialogue I might have enjoyed it
28 March 2016
I am not going to comment on this movie beyond asking why on earth did the director choose two actors who mumbled their way through much of their lines. And then direct the third actor who wasn't a mumbler at least to whisper a key line. Can anyone tell me what he said to her when they were hiding behind the car? Can anybody tell me what she said to him in another whispered speech when he sat down at their table the next day, not to mention why she would whisper something to him like that in front of her husband. This is not the only movie where I have experienced this problem which seems to be increasing due to the "hand- held" camera plague which is a parallel phenomenon to this mumbling plague, but this one was so egregious at key moments. Sorry, I didn't get any further . . couldn't bear it . . . Annoying!! I was dying to have Claire Bloom make a physical rather than just verbal appearance and bring some maturity to both the movie and the characters. Nice scenery.
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Wish You Were Here (I) (2012)
Compelling and engagingly complex
10 August 2014
Sometimes I wonder what it must take to keep some people happy with their movies. Here is a taut thriller with unexpected twists and turns, complexity and intriguing characters. Actors who you can't take your eyes off, locations to die for. I think perhaps some viewers simply want to be spoon-fed on the usual stodge so they don't have to think too much, just let their digestive system do all the work for them. There's no need for me here to go over any of the plot, scenes or theme as it's already been outlined. But it may be useful for me to point out that for some who may be Americo-centric in their outlook that there is another world out there, many in fact, than may not exist in your philosophy. This film is engaging, indeed compelling in its storyline, utterly believable if you know anything of the real world, the acting moving and impressive, the actors very easy on the eye as well, the action intense - those Asian mafia were truly menacing - and if it's a little too hard in your thinking to integrate a thriller with a deeper investigation of human relationships then perhaps this movie will be beyond you and you should stick with your usual suspects. Highly recommended.
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