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Great movie
15 September 2010
I saw this film at a free screening in Denver last night. From the opening sequence, you know you're in Aaron Sorkin territory. His rapid-fire dialogue and the "that was then, this is now" editing is a little disorienting at first, but you get used to it. When Mark Zuckerberg breaks up with his girlfriend, you have a pretty good idea of everything going on in his mind. And yet, the film portrays him in a sympathetic light. Everyone was laughing at the hilarious put downs and one-liners. The best one, at least in my opinion, is a reference to the original "Karate Kid." All the actors are OK, but this is Jesse Eisenberg's movie. He convinces you of all the insecurities and doubts percolating in his character. While his reasoning is usually explained with a gesture or a snide remark, his confrontation with the Winklevoss twins' lawyer lays out his true motives for being the way he is. Rashida Jones' character although minor is pivotal since she explains to Zuckerberg where he went wrong. There are some brief digressions like Saverin's girlfriend problems which contribute to the 116-minute running time(sans credits.) It's a little too long, and David Fincher seems confident enough in the material not to indulge in any of his usual tricks. I'd say the film is a mix of "Juno" with "Greenberg" without the self-conscious dialogue of the first, or the nastiness of the second.
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The Island (2005)
Best Michael Bay movie, and that's not a good thing
14 July 2005
If you've seen Logan's Run , THX-1138 or any of those movies with clones, dopplegangers, etc; you've seen this movie already. There's nothing terribly original unless you'd like to see a carbon copy with more action. Aside from a car chase near the end, and the first half hour there's nothing to recommend. Derivative, superfluous, and towards the end, boring. Everything you've seen in the trailer is the movie. Also, can anyone tell me why this movie lasts 130 minutes plus credits?! Rarely has there been so much talent involved with a pedestrian production. Note to Ewan Mc Gregor: You've made a movie more boring than all three Star Wars movies combined. Rent it when it's available at the 99-cent bin.
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