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Not as great as I expected.
5 May 2010
OK,I went in with high hopes for this one ans I was mildly disappointed with it. First,I have to say that I watched on VHS and the picture/sound were not that good;I don't know even if this film has ever made it to DVD. The story is your typical Gothic supernatural horror,but not as great and eerie as the one that it often gets compared to,which is the British 'The Innocents' from 1961. It involves a little girl which seems to be having a strange relationship with a stone statue situated in the vast garden of her rich parent's suburban house. You know the typical ghost story; is she possessed,is it all in her mind and the viewer's,does the statue really have a life of its own? A couple genuine moments,but nothing that I/you haven't seen hundreds of times before,if you're a big fan of the genre. If you are interested in the director,watch his better film 'Even the Wind Is Scared'. I give this one, a 6 out of 10.
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Nothing special
15 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so bloody overrated,it's ridiculous!Never have I experienced such mass hysteria in movie criticism before! OK, Ledger's performance was very good but not enough for an Oscar and certainly not enough to hold the movie together!It was a typical maniacal performance; nothing more or less!But nothing extraordinary that you haven't seen a lot of times before in similar characters! The movie itself was a disjointed mess,chaotic,schizophrenic editing... By the time it got to the last half hour,with the Sonar system that Batman used I was nauseating with its editing speed and no time for thinking! Poor movie;Batman Begins was much better...
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