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Scary Movie 4 (2006)
scary movie 4 is here
9 April 2006
i seen scary movie 4 with low expectations and was moderately surprised by it. it wasn't as funny as part 1 or 3. it was better then 2 but that isn't saying has things from war of the worlds, saw, the grudge and other movies. know on the the movie itself. there is some OK acting in there. i think it was worth the money to go see it and it was'nt worth the money i paid. i think that because it probably could have been a lot more funnier. but hey at least its better then this years earlier spoof comedy date movie which sucked. well anyways the movie was pretty good. and is on par for a "scary movie" movie a nice 7 out of 10 for scary movie 4.
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WrestleMania 22 (2006 TV Special)
8 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
i ordered wrestlemania and it was great on my standards. The whole show was really good except for the pillow fight and the bogeyman match.

onto the matches. the tag match between Kane and show vs carlito and masters was pretty good. like the finish and hate what happened after words when Kane and show lost the titles.

money in the bank match. it was a real good match but in my opinion it was to short they should have got rid of the pillow fight and the bogeyman man match to add 10 extra minutes to it. rvd wins against Finlay,Matt hardy , lashly ,ric flair , Shelton Benjamin.

hardcore match between edge and Mick Foley was a good well fought match with some classic hardcore moments. including Mr socko with barb wire around it. edge comes out the winner after a spear thru the table.

womens title match. Mickie James vs Trish stratus. at last a good wresltemania match including women. pretty OK Mickie wins with the chick kick.or Mick kick in other words.

U.s title match. jbl vs Chris Benoit. A pretty good match nice wrestling on Benoit's part. jbl cheats to win he title.

Casket match. henry vs taker. sort of a predictable match where you knew taker would win because why would you destroy a perfect record on wrestlemania with henry. taker whens by putting them into casket.

pillow fight and Bogey man match's. both crappy no need to explain.

heavyweight title match. mysterio vs Orton vs angle. a good main event could have been longer then 9 minutes in my mind. mysterio wins with a 619.

wwe title. cena vs triple h. nice shocking match i seriously though that triple h was going to win. ends up cena wins by making triple h tap out to the a step over toe lock.

all in all a good ppv. only the 3rd wrestlemania iv seen but still enjoyable so i give it a good 8 out of ten only because I'm comparing it to wrestlemania 17.
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i seen the first of 2006
19 March 2006
it wasn't that bad. it was an inter promotional event which we seen jbl take on Austin in a beer drinking contest. Candice Michelle and Victoria take on Trish and Mickie. a heel turn in that match. next we had Shawn Michaels take on Shane McMahon in the main event which was a pretty good match but i thought it could have went a bit longer for a main event. also they put the smackdown wrestlemania event against the raw wrestlemania event first i would think that that would have been the main event.

thats OK though because it was a pretty good Saturday night main event. although they did talk a lot. the raw vs smackdown match was good. the divas tag match was the way it should quick that way we can get to the other matches faster. beer contest was nice. street fight between Shane and Shawn Michaels was pretty good.
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WWE Royal Rumble (2006 TV Special)
not that bad
27 February 2006
the royal rumble was pretty good. the cruiser weight match was nice which helms walked out as the winner. a nice 8out of 10 the Mickie James and Ashley match OK. a nice one won by Mickie James. 5out of 10 the royal rumble was nice and shocking. the winner was Rey mysterio a bit of a shock and sorta of un believable though. a nice 9out of 10 cena vs edge was an OK math i sorta knew that cena would win though but thats OK. 8 out 10 Kurt vs mark. pretty boring match but was well fought i knew that angle would win but that didn't ruin the match completely 5out of 10 all in the ppv was pretty good i wouldn't buy it though
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House of the Dead 2 (2005 TV Movie)
much better then the first
24 February 2006
i seen house of the dead 2 on sci fi last night and i have to admit it is much better the part one. The zombies look pretty good. unlike the old one the zombies are believable on this one. you don't see zombies jumping around at like 10 feet int he air. The story line isn't that bad and the acting is moderatly good. It is just a shame that it didn't go to theathres. it could have probably did better then the original.

on the the main story of the movie. a scientist makes a zombie girl thru his experiments and she escapes and starts biting people. an outbreak happens and the movie goes of from there pretty entertaining. all in all i would defetily recamind this movie to people who are bored at home on an Saturday. i would have to give this one a 5 out of a maximum of ten.
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wow not the best but far from the worst
22 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
i went to see a sneak preview of the movie and it was pretty good. basically this movie is about a family that was mutated when the us tested the atomic bomb. so know these people look extremely horrible and twisted. they are also cannibals and enjoy meat. so when a group of peoples car break down near the house. they walk up to the house to ask for some help. See the movie to find out the rest.

All in all the movie made agood movie. the acting was okay. the story line believable. And the characters are greatly explained thru out the movie. One of those movie where you should see it twice to understand it. but seeing it once will be good enough for the real horror fans that are going to get scared.
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Date Movie (2006)
When you compare this to scary movie 2
19 February 2006
When you compare this to scary movie 2 it makes scary movie 2 look like the freaking godfather. The movie has other parts of love movies or chick flicks if you Will. but the parts have nothinhg to do with the freaking movie. I'm not one to know if the acting in good in a movie but no need to tell with this movie. When i was at the mall i had the choice of pink panther final destination 3 or this crap. i wanted to see final destination3 but my wyning little brother wanted to see this.i spent the whole time in the movie looking at my cell phone seeing what time it was thats how boring it was. even from the trailers i new that this would be a piece of crap. so if any of you read this comment please believe me go see something else save your money cause you'll walk out asking why you seen that piece of crap. all in all a -infinity out 0f 10 for this movie.
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