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Brilliant! MUST SEE!
27 June 2014
If you are an African American or an African Non-American, this movie is FOR YOU! I was in tears almost throughout the movie, and it moved me so to the point that I will be devoting more of my time to solving our Black Rights issues (whether on a local level or a world level). This is not just a movie that will get you riled up, but one that will also give hope to those who have no clue of how to properly articulate the problems they have encountered, and the struggles they endured on a regular basis throughout their life an a person of African Decent. In addition to giving hope, it will also teach one of the things that he/she can do even on a small scale to embitter his/her own situation, as well as the community. My favorite part of the movie is when they begin to cover the solution for our economical situation. One of the speakers expounds on how important it is to hold ourselves to a higher standard as African Businessmen/women. This is of immense importance, and I'm glad that it was covered in a way that wasn't a turn off for the everyday brother like myself, and that I could still laugh at because they gave real life scenarios and examples! ONE LOVE!
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